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I'm clearly out of practice at reading tarot cards as the reading I've just done for my self as totally stumped me. On the one hand, it seems to be saying that my future isn't very positive and then on the other it says the outcome is fab. What does everyone make of this then? )

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It's been a while, but I've just dusted off my tarot deck and did a spread for myself. No specific question as such - more a "state of the nation" sort of thing.Read more... )

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Moot was good. Chatted some to the landlord whilst I waited for everyone else. It looks like we really do own the pub. They're only doing food on Thursdays now cos of us. Think we've utterly confused him by only seemingly going on Thursdays and then going twice in one week on random days.

ION: I now own lots of shiny stuff. I've foolishly been convinced that a Diablo II campaign might be fun on Mondays, so I've gone and bought a copy on the cheap from So of course I had to fill my basket with other bargains too. Which is also why I ended up with lots of things from Amazon as well when I did my xmas shopping. I think I prefer Amazon though - they only send one giant package rather than 100s of jiffy bags.


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