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IFIS pub social was quite busy last night. I think the seating arrangement isn't quite social as it we could do with, but then I can remember back in the days of the Royal Ascot and we used to sit in the booth then too which had the same problem of people being "trapped" and thus not mingling as much. Hopefully next term we'll see more of the new committee showing up too.

I also remember having a dream last night. Quite an odd one in fact. It started with me being in someone's living room. In another room nearby was someone else. We'd just broken into whoevers' home this was with the intent of performing some kind of prank or something. And I, and possibly the other person, was drunk. The next thing I know, I'm waking up on the floor and there are a several not fully clothed people lounging in the various sofas/armchairs dotted around the room. The owner of the home was there and she started asking me what I was doing and I replied with some lame excuse of having no memory of the night before cos I'd been drunk. I think some other stuff was said, but things are a little hazy from that point. No idea what it means though.


Apr. 9th, 2010 10:33 am
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So the other night I had a dream that I managed to remember on waking. It was a mostly cool one in which I was a character in some kind of point'n'click murder mystery game which as far as I could tell was multi-player somehow.Or at least the other characters I was with I believed were being played/controlled by real people. Also I wasn't seeing it as a point'n'click, but more as a 1st person game. For the vast majority of the dream, we all rampaged about the place trying to solve the mystery and at one point I found a recently dead body of some random NPC. Which had us panicing cos that meant the killer was still around and killing people.

In true roleplaying style, I suggested that we set up watches for that night so that we'd not get murdered in my sleep. Except of course I clearly fail at planning stuff in my dreams, cos I suggested we take watches in pairs. Which if one of us was the murderer, it'd not help as they could kill their shift-partner and then the rest of us in our sleep. I'm not sure how things ended up, as the next thing I knew it was the next day and everyone else had vanished. Wandering about the mansion (these things are always in mansions, obviously), I found a guy just standing at the top of the stairs who I recognised as being a character we'd met at the start of the game, but who hadn't been seen since then. Something record company related I think.

Thinking he might be the killer, I hid until I realised that he was clearly an NPC who was programmed to wait at the top of the stairs and be "clicked on" to spout some plot stuff or something. So I went up the stairs and "clicked on" him and suddenly it was all "Game Over" as apparently the mystery had been solved. Which made me very annoyed as it was clear that my fellow players had solved it whilst I was asleep and I'd missed out. I think at this point it turned out the game must have been some kind of RPG instead as I was complaining to [ profile] charliemouse as the GM.

Anyway, the dream got my thinking about writing a multi-player point'n'click adventure sort of game and how to deal with the problems of having players not solving things at the same speed or at all. In some ways it'd almost be like having a characters location containing a time element and having puzzle solving increase the time at which you are in the game. Which reminds me of an old Infocom adventure called Moonmist that coincedentally was a murder mystery too.

I don't however think I have the artistic skills to pull off a point'n'click, so instead I think I might make something a little more textual. Possibly browser based since it'll in some ways be a little like a choose your own adventure and it'd be easier on the players if their options were links they could click on. Certainly something I shall be pondering/working on for the future until I get bored or something anyway :)

themadone: (Default) very sleepy. Takes far too long to drift off, so I then get woken up (eventually) by my alarm and I've not had hardly enough sleep. I did have a dream )

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Somehow I managed to resist temptation to stay up late and went to bed at a fairly reasonable time. This not only resulted in me getting some sleep, but I also got a double bill of dreams. Or at least I don't believe they were related, but I guess it might have been one dream. And wierdly, I got to see some parts of them several times.

Dream A )

Dream A )

Work has been trying it's hardest to make me fall asleep. They've got me looking at the M$ website and it's draining all the life out of me ;(

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Very sureal set of dreams last night. The first one had me playing some kind of game where I had to link two stretches of road(?) together, but was hampered by some river that also kept flowing towards where I was placing the road. Or at least that is how it seemed. I think there might have been a third thing getting in the way too.

The other dream was even more wierd. I was at a large mansion in New York and there was some kind of deadly survival game happening. And lots of wierd and stupidly supernatural folk were taking part. There was lots of running about and meeting this scary folk all the while being lead around by this Ford Prefect type character. Who turned into a woman part way through.

Annoyingly I woke up through the second one which was a shame as I was enjoying it.

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Had a very b'zzare dream last night )

I think I'm with everyone else about this yucky cold weather. I think the worst part is walking along slippery frost covered pavements. This shoes/boots just have no grip *sulk*

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On reflection yesterday's post was a big fat lie. Not intentional mind you. I'd just forgotten a whole load of stuff I could have posted about. I've already mentioned the crapness of Tops Pizza. But I left out the really b'zzare dream I had.

b'zzare dream )

I could have mentioned I'd watched Rome and I also saw a program called Rough Science that had a female scientist with the amusing and strangely apt name Hermione Cockburn.

Anyway. Pub last night was great fun. The chips were good this week or at least the chip butty I made was good. Not entirely sure why some weeks they're not good. I could have done with another layer of chips though. But dunking it into the gravy from my pie was a good plan too. Enjoyed the floor show - maybe next week we could get J and [ profile] inquis some jelly and a swimming pool to fight in?

Stayed up stupidly late working on a webbased character sheet editor. I'm quite pleased with how it's shaping up - now I just need to integrate it into the cam website somehow.

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Spent yesterday evening playing a tabletop game ran by [ profile] darklittlefox. Despite having only played one game, I've already decided I like my character. Amazingly I actually managed to come up with enough of a vague concept that [ profile] darklittlefox could produce a character from. Unfortunately we ran out of time, so I have to wait a whole week before I can find out what happens next.

Well sort of. Last night I had a dream that was pretty much dominated by the roleplaying game. It was quite scarily realistic too. So much so, that when I dreamt that I was asleep, holding onto something important and someone came and tried snatching it from me that I woke up for real with a loud yelp! Annoyingly I can't remember any details of what happened in the dream beyond that.

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I like dreams. I wish I could dream more often and remember them too. This morning I was cruelly deprived of one. Got a stupid meeting reminder at 6am! For something tomorrow! Gah! It woke me up right in the middle of what I vaguely remember as being a really cool enjoyable dream. My subconcious must have felt sorry for me, cos when I dozed off again I managed to have another dream instead. This one I do remember.

dream )

In my constant battle against the forces of nature, I've hacked some more of the Rosemary tree and given it to [ profile] noseynick. The path is just about clear now I think. Someone - I'm guessing the neighbours below me - hacked the bush/tree on the other side of the path so in theory I have less to cut back. There's still tons left of the Rosemary tree though and I should probably trim the bit nearest the front door too.

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That was a disturbing night. Had a very wierd dream that looked like something out of some crappy soap - Corrination Street or something. The locals had secured the release of a dangerous psycho rapist murdering type and he set up base of operations in my home. Except it was my home from when I was about 10 cos my parents swapped over the front and back room furniture when I wasn't that much older.

Amusingly his plans for causing death and mayhem revolved around a tape recorder which was dual powered by batteries and solar. So I arranged to sabotage them by removing the batteries and turn off the lights at the right moment so he didn't have any power.

There was also a bit involving someone shooting through a glass door I was standing near.

Despite this traumatic night and not getting much more than 3 hours sleep, I'm surprisingly perky and awake. Which I'm sure will all change cos I'm on call this week. Which is going to make partying a bit awkward, but the powers that care know I'm partying and haven't said I can't go, so I'm going to go anyway. Can't exactly get drunk without my internal organs rupturing at the moment anyway.


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