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I'm beginning to believe that this office doesn't actually have any heating and relies on the humans and computers within to provide any heat. We've not changed the heating/cooling/whatever settings and yet it's significantly colder today inside that everyone is mentioning it. I almost moved desks too, but when I spent some time near the new desk, I realised it wasn't any warmer.

In other news, not much is happening. I've written the beginnings of a RSS feed aggregator that shows me articles it thinks I'm interested based on feedback provided on previous articles it's shown me. Pleasingly it's mostly working - just needs some more training and tweaking. It doesn't help that it's getting over 100 articles at any one time and I don't get much time to read them. I think I'll trim down the number of feeds I get until it smoothes out.

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I gave in and bought The Sims 2 for the PS2 at lunchtime. I managed to resist for all of about 5 seconds having seen it sitting on the shelf. How weak am I?

On the printer front I'm wondering whether it'd just be easier to get a USB PC card, but the problem then, is finding a card that fits into the right slots. Cos I have no idea what a PCI slot looks like compared to, for example, an ISA slot. And if the PC I'm trying to fit the card into doesn't have any PCI slots, well I wouldn't know any different. Bah. Maybe it would be easier to just get a new PC too. Or just plug the printer into my laptop on those brief occassions I need to print something.

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Bah. I hate it when I'm oncall and there are loads of films I want to go see. "Kung Fu Hustle" and "A Lot Like Love" have both come out today, plus I've still to see Batman Begins. And like any sane half nekkid woman loving person, I wouldn't mind seeing Mr & Mrs Smith again too :)


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