Apr. 29th, 2007 08:44 pm
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The weekend has mostly not gone as I'd like. So far I've been called 6 times by work! That's 6 times more than an average weekend when I'm on call. Did I do something bad to get this karma? I guess I shouldn't complain too much cos they're paying me extra and all, but still. I'd rather have the sleep.

Other than that, I've not done that much. We did a bit of shopping today. Got some lovely chocolate covered throws for the couch. And some bits to keep the bathroom a bit more tidier.

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There I was pondering whether or not to brave the Reading game tonight when work decide to make my mind up for me. Got called by them about an issue, which I've only just finished helping sort out for them. I daren't go now just in case they have further problems, plus I'd be late anyway and I'd probably have to leave early to catch the last train too.

Well I'd have only got killed or something by stupid dumb plot. I'll have to look forward to Southwark instead.

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Blergh. That was not fun at all. The work I had to go in for went OK I guess. Got home sometime around 6am. 2 hours later and I got phoned up cos I'm also on-call. I've just got back from the office (again) having helped deal with the issue. Which was very indirectly caused by the work I'd done earlier but not in a way that meant it was the work the cause. It just highlighted a problem that already existed.

Still, it does mean I get a day off at some point in the future and nearly 5 hours of on-call pay to look forward to.

Now I'm going to be a muchly comatosed person for a bit...maybe the rest of the weekend.

ION: [livejournal.com profile] anonymous_james will be pleased to know that making my glasses even worse on Thursday has meant I've been forced to get an appointment ;)

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I'm up and it's time to go to work. Whoopeee! (NOT)

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I had copious amounts of booze last night. I think I might have had 3.5 pints. It might have been 4.5. I kinda lost track. Mostly cos I kept putting my pint down and wandering off and then having trouble remembering where I left it only to discover that I'd put it down cos it was empty.

Unlike some other people who were there though, I do not have a hangover! Muahahahahhaha. *munches cake*

Today I will be mostly "offline" as I'll be building shiny new computers for a top secret project that I don't know anything about yet, cos it's top secret and I'm not allowed to know. Still, at least I'll be doing something towards it...I think...*shrugs/boggles/sighs*

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The people in this office are crazy. It's the middle of winter (in case you hadn't noticed). They have several of the windows wide open. Why? Because it's "too warm". On what kind of insane freakish planet is being too warm a bad thing in winter!?!?!?

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Blah. Yet more training. But this time based at work. Might post more later.

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So...I'm back. Not that I actually had gone far away, I just have been uber busy doing that training malarky I mentioned previously. But before I delve too far into that, I should probably mention the stuff I've not had a chance to post about. Friday - non-event. I think I watched a film, but I can't for the life of me remember what.

On Saturday I vegged a lot and investigated how to get my lovely wish list to rank higher on search engines. Looks like myself and all the competitors are getting their rank solely on being in the Open Directory and the only chance of getting ranked higher is by getting suitable links from other highly ranked websites. In the evening I played in the Dark Ages game and reclaimed my Warmaster position. Lets see how long before I lose it again.

Sunday was a lot like Friday and Saturday. Lots of vegging and watching films on TV. Oh and I've also taken to playing Halo 2 again. Already gone up to rank 13 from rank 10. I'm guessing this splurge of success is due to all the really good players having finally attained their actual rank unlike the previous times I played where they'd just reset the scores.

Monday evening I played in [livejournal.com profile] darklittlefox's game. Unfortunately [livejournal.com profile] majic13 had to flee to the dark pits of Reading so the game hasn't quite finished yet. We're just short of about 30 minutes left apparently. I'm sure it'll take far longer for one of the players (not mentioning Lol's name of course) to backstab the "party".

Apart from that I've spent the past 3 days getting up the wrong side of early to catch a train to Greenwich so I can be trained in the ways of Service Management. The course wasn't particular dull, but wasn't entirely interesting either. Today there was also an exam. A lovely multiple guess one. Based on the various mock papers we were given as "homework", or as I like to call it - "desperately trying to do it on the train in the morning whilst squeezed in like a tin of sardines with the other commuters", I should do quite well. Well enough to pass at least. Of course I'm now utterly braindead and knackered from having to get up so early. On the plus side I managed to gain 3 souviner "Metros" from our beloved capital. For the first time in ages I have a vague idea what is going on in the news - admittedly last weeks news though :)


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