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Hmmmm...I think I've got an number of goals, but I doubt I could manage all (or in fact any) of them in the next 30 days. Time to make a list of them all and maybe see which ones are do-able and if I could even manage one of them.

Making my lounge into an awesome place is a pretty heft goal. And whilst it can be broken down into a number of smaller goals, they are a lot of them interdependant on each other.

I need to get myself a new sofa. And to get rid of the old crappy armchairs. Which first need to be cleared off all the books and other stuff that is on them. But first I need to replace the book shelves with custom built ones that make better use of the space, so that I have room for the books on the armchairs. I need to move the heater so that it's under the window and not cooking [ profile] izzy_stradlin in her sleep (her bed is the otherside of the wall to the heater). The armchairs are under the window though, so I should get rid of them first. But I also should replace the windows with something modern.

OK, that's hurting my head worse than thinking about the temporal paradox in the Terminator franchise, so I'm gonna stop whilst I'm ahead and not even bother thinking about the other stuff.

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Something? Hmmm...I guess that technically means I can't say [ profile] cryx cos she's a someone not a something? What about I miss [ profile] cryx's company? Does that work?

There's actually a whole load of other things I miss too I suppose, most of which are of the fun interactions with the opposite sex nature (mmm...snogging). I also haven't had a chance to utilise my awesome massage skillz in a while too.

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Aside from my total inability to meet women my own age at the moment, I don't think I've got any problems right now.

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Having had very little life experience yet, I've not managed to refine my tastes down. The only thing I'm sure of is that I'm attracted to women. Oh and I don't like smokers - it's a nasty disgusting habit.

I need more samples. Please apply within :)

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I have to admit that I can't actually think of anyone. I'm clearly too much of a freaky weirdo sociopath to find anyone worthy of consideration.

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My favourite movie (in case anyone hadn't spotted this already) is The Terminator - well actually I like the whole franchise. I'm hard pressed as to whether I think #1 or #2 is better tho. Both are pretty solid films, although I have to say that the second one has the most memorable lines - especially from Arnie.

The only real problems with #2 is the rather silly idea of "liquid metal" and the massive temporal paradox it leaves us with at the end of the movie. Because by destroying future-Skynet, it means that the war will never happen, no Terminators or Kyle will be sent back, John won't be born and Skynet won't be built based on Terminator bits. So end result is both the first movies disappear in a puff of paradox.

#3, despite being the worst film so far, goes some way to fix this. By suggesting that Skynet is inevitable in some form or other it makes it still possible for a Terminator & Kyle to be sent back to kill Sarah/unborn John. Although the ones that get sent back after #3 aren't the ones from the #1 film. Instead they're sent back to an alternate past where #2 doesn't happen and the original timeline Skynet is created and then things happen as we expect in the first 2 films. Sounds complicated...I wonder if I could draw it out as a diagram?

Anyway, #4 is a totally different kettle of fish compared to the others. It doesn't involve time travel for a start. But you know how (for the most part) it ends cos some of the characters have to be still alive for the aforementioned time travelling shenigans to happen. It's a lot better than #3. It also makes me squee lots cos of the first T800 that appears towards the end.

PS I think the Sarah Conner Chronicles was also a pretty awesome TV show and I left it out from day 21 *sighs*

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This is like shooting fish in a barrel. There are so many attractive famous women that I like. Most of them are actresses. I'm going to put this behind a cut though cos some of the pics are HUGE. )

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It might seem like I'm being lame and ducking out on this one, but I really don't think much has changed in the past 2 years. This is really a question aimed at someone younger I suspect who has more happening in their life that makes things different. Sorry

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I was all prepared to waffle on about various TV shows I like when I noticed that the subject for today doesn't actually mention TV at all. Of course not being terribly cultured I haven't actually seen many stage shows, so I'm going to stick with waffling on about TV stuff instead.

I'm actually finding it quite hard to come up with one show that I love above all others. There is also a slight problem in that there was a dark period in my life where I was appalling bad at keeping up with TV I liked. It was a terrible time where in order to watch shows I had to remember to set my VCR and make sure there was enough space on the tape I was recording on.

This has meant that there are a number of shows - like X-Files or Buffy - that I just never got to see the end of. I them all on DVD too, but I'm very lazy and can't be arsed with the whole "getting up to change DVD" thing. Those are two shows that I really do think are pretty awesome though...maybe one day I'll pull my finger out and finish them.

These days things are a whole lot better as I have a wonderous piece of technology that I can tell to record "Chuck" and it'll record every episode of Chuck that is being shown. It does get a little carried away and record every episode, so when the BBC (for example) decide to re-show the same episode a dozen times in the same week (which they do with Doctor Who an awful lot), I end up with lots of stuff I don't need unless I'm organised enough to pre-emptively tell it not to record them. Last night I was that organised and I think out of about 35 things it wanted to record, I've only kept about 3 of them.

So aside from subtly name dropping awesome shows, here's a list of shows I really like that I can't really pick one from that is my most cherished above all others. Warehouse 13, Doctor Who (the Moffat stuff especially), Chuck, X-Files, Buffy, B5, BSG, Human Target, Burn Notice, CSI, Cleopatra 2525. There are no doubt a great many more I could list too, but I'm already several days late for this entry and I suspect if I did try and list them all, I'll be weeks late ;)

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I think that it's vitally important that everyone is given the chance to have the best education possible. I don't think what we have right now does that though. I think that classes are too big and that means that not every kid gets the chance to learn at their own pace. Some kids no doubt learn slower than others. They get left behind in classes and that's going to cause them to get frustrated and make it harder for them to learn. And they'll start playing up and being disruptive which'll have a negative impact on their education and their classmates too.

I can't see that this would get fixed any time soon - especially not with all the cuts being planned. It'd need lots more teachers and small classes. New teachers are always going to be hard to get too, cos certainly my memories of being at school is very off putting to the idea of being a teacher. Hopefully there will be some people who are more brave than I am.

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I think every thing I am or do fits the title. I'm a big disappoint me to them and I never do what they consider the right thing. Later this month is their anniversary. My mum and sister are going to church and then visiting my dad's grave afterwards before having lunch. Mum wants me to come over on Saturday and stay the night so I can go to church with them. I've declined cos going to church isn't my thing. But that probably means also not visiting his grave either. Not sure if that is my sort of thing either really. But of course I'm sure my doing this is the wrong thing and disrepectful cos I'm not honouring him the way my mum wants me to. Meh.

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This is another entry that is penalised by my appalling memory. High points of the year that I can remmeber are; getting the new IFIS website ready in time for the start of the year and seeing people actually use it. My first Eastercon.

Low points including; going a little stir crazy whilst on holiday.

Um...yeah...I suck at thinking of stuff for this one.

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My views on "mainstream music" is that I don't get to listen to it often enough. My mp3 player steadfastly refuses to tune in to any stations and it's really the only thing I use for listening to music. As such, I'm not really aware of what is going on in the charts or anything like that apart from any "news worthy" stories. Like the Lady Gaga track that sounds like something Madonna would have done. I heard a bit of that yesterday when in the college shop and would certainly have thought it was an early Madonna song if I'd not known about the Lady Gaga one.

My telly can do radio - maybe I should devote some of my copious downtime to listen to it; maybe see if I can catch a show detailing what is in the charts or something? Or assuming it's on at a time that I'm not available, see if I can grab it off iplayer?

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Unlike most, I'm not being lazy and going "Er...I don't use tumblr" or similar. Since tumblr as far as I can see is a blogging doodah, I'm going to post about my favourite blogs instead cos this being a meme, it should mean I can change and adapt the questions as I see fit *nodnods*

Now this is tricky as a lot of the ones I read a lot and enjoy are on here and belong to friends. But I don't want to imply that anyone I don't mention doesn't write good stuff too. It's just that these people write really interesting stuff that pokes the brainmeats and stuff.

  • First up is [ profile] corchen. This is NOT because she writes fanfic about girls doing naughty things with other girls. It's because moving swiftly on...
  • I quite like reading [ profile] majic13's tales of being a struggling, but monetised artist. Plus I get to see the finished results as well.
  • [ profile] blue_cat reads the internet so I don't have to ;)
  • [ profile] eggwhite writes a lot of interesting geeky/techy stuff.
  • I've recently started reading Post-grad Panopticon (which is a heck of a mouthful and not an LJ blog! *gasp*) and is also very interesting and a lot different to a lot of stuff I read. Plus it's written by a librarian-type and I find such beasties fascinating :)
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I can't really remember much before primary school with any great clarity. Primary school I have lots of random memories of. I can remmeber the building; 2 stories, red bricked, stairs at either end and possibly t-shaped. The shape comes from my memory that the playground was divided in two by the presence of a chunk of the school sticking out. I'm guessing it must have been the assembly hall. The playground was divided as such because the younger kids and older kids weren't allowed to play together.

I remember that each gender only had 1 loo in the whole building; the girls was at one end, the boys at the other. Not sure how this worked with the split playground thing though. The boys loo was just a donut shaped room with a urinal trough in the floor against one wall. No idea what the girls was like - I guess I was never brave enough to explore. I know the girls were terrified of going into the boys loos and it made a good hiding place from them...except for it having only one entrance/exit.

I can't remember any of the teachers though. I do have one vivid memory of one of them getting irate at me for not having dried myself quickly enough after a swimming lesson and coming over and vigorously "giving a hand". The school had it's own swimming pool. It was outdoors in a building that looked a lot like a plastic greenhouse. The water was always ice cold - I suspect they only did swimming lessons in the winter. There were no changing rooms, so we always got changed/dried/whatever in a random classroom.

I think that's enough memories for now tho and I've saved the embaressing/interesting ones from seeing the light of day ;)

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I'm not sure I have any where I want to visit as such. I don't really enjoy travelling - I'm mass of anxiety and nerves that I'm doing it all wrong and going to end up lost. It's why I hate buses cos unless you know the route well, you won't have any idea where you are. I suppose I would like to visit my distance friends more - does that count as an answer?

As for where do I want to live, well I'm already doing that for the most part - in that I want to live near my friends. One idea I would like to do is have us all buy up a cul-de-sac or a village or something and then live a lot closer to the rest of the tribe. But I don't really know how viable that is. Failing that, buying somewhere bigger would be nice as I could fill the extra rooms with friends. Sort of like a zoo, I suppose, but hopefully less flinging of poo (*looks pointedly at [ profile] majic13*)

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Sorry, this one is going to be a bit yawntastic...

  • 0.00 - muck about on the internet
  • 1.20 - take meds and head off to bed
  • 6.40(ish) - Wake up, notice the time, roll over and doze...
  • 7.00-8.04 - Get woken up by alarm, roll over and hit snooze button, fall back to dozing every 8 minutes
  • 8.05 - get out of bed.
  • 8.30 - head over to the office to pick up the shuttle
  • 8.42 - pop into Budgens to buy breakfast
  • 8.45 - get on shuttle and wait for any stragglers
  • 8.50 - read The Windup Girl on the shuttle to work
  • 9.20 - arrive at work.
  • 9.25 - eat breakfast of 2 twix and a can of Dr. Pepper
  • 9.30 - catch up on email and begin a day of work, work, work
  • 9.40 - cursed and swore at the new vacation system, trying to get it to book a day off
  • 9.45 - booked day off - mocked NVS for it's many failings
  • 10.30 - finished catching - on to work proper now
  • 12.30 - scampered across the road to the canteen and had a really boring sandwich
  • 14.10 - realise i still have a whole afternoon of work ahead of me. joy
  • 14.11 - remember i'd promised to mine some data for random guy in the NOC
  • 14.36 - posted a meme about books whilst i grabbed some other data for my team leader
  • 15.14 - time for afternoon tea...well can of coke & twix
  • 17.30 - down tools. scamper off to go and find the shuttle
  • 17.35 - wait for shuttle.
  • 17.40 - listen to Freaky Friday by Aqua and ponder what is going to go wrong
  • 17.43 - discover shuttle is going to be late due to accident on it's route causing traffic
  • 17.55 - get on shuttle - can have nap nao!
  • 18.30 - disembark from the shuttle
  • 18.35 - pop into Tescos for weekend breakfast supplies
  • 18.51 - arrive home and unpack shopping
  • 18.53 - start catching up on Facebook & Twitter that I missed whilst at work
  • 19.33 - head to pub for Pagan soc moot thingy
  • 19.50 - ate tasty omnomnomlicious peri-peri chicken
  • 21.45 - left pub
  • 22.05 - defrosted whilst eating a couple o Mr Kipling's exceedingly tasty spotted dick and custard cake slices.
  • 22.10 - resume checking stuff out online
  • 22.50 - take medication
  • 22.54 - post this entry and go to bed
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Ha! See me non-confirm by not having an ipod (and by changing this meme question too). This is annoyingly trickier as my mp3 player is a teeny weeny ickle that is designed for playing music, not having a big fancy display. But I shall prevail.

  1. Goodbye to the Circus - Aqua
  2. Robot Rock - Daft Punk
  3. Say - The Corrs
  4. What You Waiting For (Elevator Mix) - Gwen Stefani
  5. I'm Not Over You - Scouting For Girls
  6. Adore U - Alisha's Attic
  7. Ich Will - Rammstein
  8. Veridis Quo - Daft Punk
  9. Stars - tatu
  10. Sober - Pink

I'm pleased it got some Aqua in there just to remind you all what a dirty depraved weirdo I am ;)

I'm surprised at the lack of Tori given that I've got at least 5 of her albums on there

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This is a tricky one as it involves memory. I think that my first kiss was aged 7 with a girl called Victoria. Those of you with a rudimentary grasp of maths will realise that was a very long time ago. As such I might be wrong with some of the details, but I do mostly remember the context of it though. I remember her and her (parental unit) would walk home after school with me and my (parental unit). This was in the day when the shadowy spectre of pedophiles didn't exist, so it was common for us to run off ahead and out of sight of our (parental units). I remember us ducking down into an alley one day and trying out kissing. I don't remember whether it was good or not or what our reactions was.

I'm not sure that really counts as a first kiss, so I'll be generous and detail my first full on snog-fest. Cos that was a lot more recent and I can remember all the details. I was an ickle baby fresher and I'd met a girl online who was studying up in Manchester. I bunked off lectures one day to visit her for the weekend and despite the trip not going that well, we did end up snogging. And for my first proper attempt I don't think I did too badly. Or at least she certainly didn't have any complaints.

My first love on the other hand is a trickier thing to pin down, because I don't think I know what love actually is? There have been many women in my life that I care deeply about, but is that love? I don't think I can really pin it down. Sorry.

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Well I hope it'll have rocket cycles and/or flying cars and teleportation. And lots of friends. And snuggles - snuggles with someone lovely (protip: I like snuggles). And lots of chocolate and/or cake cos they're vitally important to a growing (outwards) person too :)

And I suppose lots of health/medical improvements so that I can be cured and start drinking again! A totally new body would do the trick I think :)


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