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*dances for joy* Not only is RHUL back online, but the new members are slowly but surely reading their email and logging on. And the "pick a username" part isn't confusing them.

Mage game last night was awful. Might as well have not bothered showing up. Half the players were OOC for most of the night and the rest just ended up playing Munchkin.

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Well despite a really poor start (Everyone was at least 45 minutes late *sulk*), I think the mage game went well. Unfortunately we ran out of time, so the bit of plot I was running never got resolved. Always the problem of having a room on campus - we can't book it for long enough.

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That has to be one of the most random weekends I've ever had. Saturday - where on earth did that weather spring (teehee) out from? The scorching hot sunshine took me completely by surprise when I went for a bimble shopping. Meant the flat was too hot when I got home too, which I guess is probably good for my cactii though, but not for me.

And then Sunday the weather returned for normal - traditional British national holiday weather - and it was rainy. Which wouldn't have been so bad, if I didn't have an ardeous journey to play Awakening. Stupid rail replacement service. But...if I hadn't gotten back as late as I did, I'd have not randomly bumped in to [ profile] gmplatypus. She's back a week early for a couple of nights cos there are some training courses she has to do in the area.

Figuring it'd be a bit sucky heading up to Brunel and spending the evening staring at 4 walls, I suggested she come over and watch a DVD. Which was an interesting situation - putting someone who has seen hardly any films in front of a DVD collection as large as mine and asking what she wanted to watch. Tried initially making a list of films, but it became apparent we'd end up with another shorter, but still really long list. So I randomly plucked something out of the air - The Terminator. Which went down well, although I've discovered she gets grossed out by cyborgs cutting themselves up.

Awakening was interesting. I was inserted into the intenstinal tract of a giant bug to help lay a bomb. It was all very Evolution meets Starship Troopers. Think the character is starting to gel in my head too. Now just need to hope the game gets sanctioned soon so I can go visit other games.

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That went surprisingly well. Low turn out and no PC fatalities, but I got to harsh folk with paradox and I had the cutest darn plot ever :D

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Squeeee!!! First nuMage game in a short while. I hope it goes well.

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Yikes. I've ran another Awakening game and I don't think it went too badly either. Things did grind to a halt when magic started flying about though, but then most of that was either trying to find the particular rotes in the book or getting my head around the complexities of the rules.

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I think someone (or thing) is trying to tell me something. Don't have a venue for the Mage game again this Friday. So that's another month I'm going to have to cancel.

GameSoc was a bit blah tonight. We started a Diablio 2 campaign. It (or maybe I) sucked. We all ran out into the first area and started laying waste to all in our path. Next minute I know, everyone else has completed the first quest. By the time I work out where they all are, they've completed the second. And so on. For the entire first act. Unsurprisingly, I'd gained half the number of levels they had and kept getting killed by anything I encountered on the next act.

On the plus side, I'm allowed to catch up during the "downtime" to the same level as everyone else. Which as I'm not going to be able to make the next game, is going to be quite high I'd imagine. I'm going to see how feasible it is to gain levels in my greatly screwed up position or whether it'd be easier to just start from scratch. If I don't manage to keep up in the next session I'm at, I'm going to give up I think.

ION hot chocolate is yummy. Especially on cold nights like this.

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Well that went surprisingly well. People enjoyed themselves. Got the end result I wanted. Managed to kill one PC too. But they got better :)

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Eeep only a couple of hours to go until my first game. I bet there are a million things I've forgotten to sort out. Just in case people haven't heard, Munroe Fox - 6pm. Although I doubt we'll get started until at least 7.

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Phew. I'm finally able to take a rest after a very hectic weekend.

The regional )

The journey from hell )

Managed to get to fight practice eventually. Had a bit of a swing about and lots of fun generally hanging out with folk. Then headed to HoP for a brief stint before heading home for curry and Batman. And I've still got tomorrow off. I think I might spend it watching movies - I've only seen Serenity once.

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Blergh. Feel like crap as my lungs are filled with slimey green goo. I don't think standing around in a field for 2 hours helped at all - damn them Koreans (for stealing our room booking). Looks like re-enactment has a good batch this year though.

Last ever mage game. Much much trauma. My character is the last thing left of Runnymede oWoD.

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Woohoo! Results just in. I've got elected as Awakening ST.

Lets see whose brains break first, eh? :)

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Gods I'm shattered. Scampered in to London yesterday to have lunch with [ profile] sea_cucumber, but that fell through when she got stuck in Richmond. So instead I went shopping and spent lots of money in Playing Games instead.

I now have a very shiny looking game called "Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls" (aka SPANC). You play a crew off busty space wenches out to get plenty of loot and poolboys as you rampage across the universe. Art work is by Phil Foglio which was grabbed my interest initially - not the picture of a scantily clad cat girl, honest :)

Then I watched "40 Year old Virgin". Which was a bit sucky. Maybe I wasn't in the right mood, cos it seemed to have all the right elements in it. And then began the epic journey to Hatfield. The bus took an hour but luckily I'd left plenty of time to spare so had time for steak. Requiem was quiet - I suspect the train problems scared people off. Then I crashed at [ profile] casterlion's place with it's HUGE lounge of HUGENESS.

Mage was fun, although it's clear that we were the mosty sucky at surviving the Avatar Storm - the Hatfield lot survived unscathed too. After that was some random monster bashing which I mostly hung back from until I came up with an attack move called "The Pinacle of Pain". Sculpt the ground underneath the target (preferable male) so that their feet are suddenly over thin air and form the ground between their legs into an uber sharp pinacle of rock. Let gravity take effect. It was surprisingly ineffectual - all the guys I did it on seemed to have balls of steel.

The journey back was even more epic. Missed the bus and had to wait around for seemingly ages. Got on the tube cos my ticket said any London Terminal, so I headed straight to Waterloo. Got there to discover my ticket didn't cover me on the tube, but the ticket guy was nice and let me past anyway. Then I forgot to get a ticket at Waterloo in my haste to get something to eat. Just as I got home I got nabbed by a ticket inspector. Who thankfully just charged me for a ticket. Am very tired now. So tired I can't even be arsed to get drink. Which is bad cos I feel very thirsty. *sighs and rolls eyes*

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So...the weekend. Most of it was spent staying up late coding as I was working on the tribal map thingy. Stayed up stupidly late on Saturday (5am-ish) and even then, didn't feel tired - I just felt that I should probably try and get some sleep. On the plus side I've finished the part of the code that calculates all the set intersections. I've even written some code that displays it quite nicely, but only for the "in tribe" sets. Need to get the code to assign the same center points to intersections that are subsets of other intersections (ie put the "member of" sets inside the "member of + on the edge" sets). And the colour assigning code probably needs a bit of tweaking too.

On the downside I've completely and utterly screwed up my body clock. Couldn't get to sleep last night at all. Which did mean that I spotted that my alarm clock was 4 hours out and I could reset it. Very confusing though cos it's meant to be set from a radio time source. Hopefully I've not turned that feature off at some point.

The weekend also had yet another BBQ. This time at [ profile] noseynick and [ profile] estellew's place as a very belated house warming. Should have pestered them for a tour of their house as I'm probably one of the few that hasn't seen the new place before. A big OMGWTF occurred when the infamous/legendary Piers showed up cos it's rare we get to see him since he moved to Camby.

Sunday was the Mage game. Much w00ting cos [ profile] sherbetsaucers could make it. Although I think his much vaunted "OMGWTF you're alive" was a bit more low key than expected cos we've had plenty of time to get used to the idea. Also after 3 long months of researching, building and coding, my character finished the girlfriend bot and introduced her to the chantry. Surprisingly [ profile] cryx didn't play her as is the norm for playing sexy robots. Instead I had the equally capable [ profile] sollunastella who also had the added advantage of being good at being highly dubious and coming out with choice lines about wanting to pleasure me in front of everyone.

Confusingly even Nadia managed to spot it was a 'bot, but it matters little as it had the OOC desired effect of o_O. And after many hours of people complaining it was a slave to my every whim and that it should have free will and being told my the previous sex-bot (as played by normally played by [ profile] cryx but [ profile] urizen had to step in o_O - hee hee) that I'd not done a good enough job creating her. So I abused my uber powers of Mind magic and created the bot an actual mind and gave her free will. Which then had everyone complaining that I shouldn't have done that either. Just can't win can I? :)

I think though that the fem-bot caused much amusement and fun for all concerned though. And should do more in the last couple of games too. Have to come up with a name for the design too...I'm thinking given the technoc's HITMark series that I could call it the Sexy Human Automated Girl mark 1 *ducks and runs*

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Woohoo!!! We are win!!!

Mage game was muchly good and for the first time ever, we didn't end up killing anyone - even by accident.

Very tiring though.

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Mage yesterday was fun and a little worrying. Got to try out playing a hardlight hologram and try out my new shiny forehead powers. Which are very scarey.

Party afterwards was very good. Lots of cool people missing. But thankfully lots of annoying people missing too. Was very tired after Mage, so had a little power nap early on which kept me going 'til things started dying out. Had a very good night's sleep on the couch, helped [ profile] cryx watch her bday pressie (Sex in the City season 6) and then fled back to the safety and comfort of home.

Some how I've spent most of the afternoon doing sod all, mostly by watching the end of "Swallows and Amazons". But I have managed to be a bit productive and mowed the "garden". Or at least most of it. The bits around the rose bushes are quite hard to get to and there's scarey thorny stuff at one end now as well. Will have to get out my gardening gloves and secatures to have it the beast. Probably when I do the rosemary forest.

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Ouch. That was one harsh (but fun) mage game. Next time, I'm not going to bend over backwards to help people so much. Especially as that is likely to end up with my head stuck to my feet :)

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So another weekend and me not posting much. Um...lets see. What did I do. On Saturday I did absolutely nothing, except play "Destroy All Humans" a lot. Very funny game even if I do appear to be stuck already.

Couldn't find any of my calculators with solar panels on, so on the suggestion of [ profile] darklittlefox and having a desire for lunch, I wandered into town to see if Tescos sold a cheap one. They didn't so I tried Woolworths instead who had a wide selection of them.

On a whim I decided to see if they had any small screwdrivers, cos I have plenty of large ones. I found a complete set of tools for 4quid so I got that. Then I spotted a solar powered racing car for 14quid, so I got that too. I don't know what spec the solar cell is, but it's meaty enough to power the motor without any extra gubbins.

Sunday I did Hatfield Mage. Due to a lot of faffing about, I managed to arrive at the station in time to miss the train by a couple of minutes. Which meant, as it being Sunday, a really long wait for the next train cos they've spread them out a bit. Managed to arrive at the game only an hour late and thankfully it seems everyone else was late too, so the game hadn't started. The game was great fun, even if I have no idea what was going on and [ profile] cryx was very distracting in her skimpy/see-thru outfit.

Did SFA when I got back too and watched From Hell, which I managed to cope with quite well cos the gory corpses were so fake looking. Also watched BB too. I know I shouldn't and it's bad and wrong, but the latest twist - 3 people hiding in a secret room in the house and having to steal food and stuff to survive - is very amusing.

Brought the solar racer in to work today to see how it fares in sunlight as the cloudy weather was a bit crap all weekend. Plus I get to prove [ profile] noseynick was wrong that a solar cell would have to be HUGE to power a motor.


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