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It's scary, but the tribe map thing is actually working. There's the large clump of "us" in the middle and around the edges are clumps of other groups. All the cammies are on one side for example. On the other are the students.

There's a couple of anomalies - people who aren't part of any "tribe" yet, but who've filled it in. I'm guessing they must have read about via someones' friends-friends page or something. Although if people want to pimp this out to their friends, that'd be very good/handy too :)

ION I'm surprised at how unachey my back is. Maybe I've translocated the acheyness to [ profile] eggwhite. I thought I should be achey cos for the past 2 days, I've had my rucksack stuffed to the brim of stuff. Monday was DVDs and card games when Amazon unexpectedly sent my latest spending spree early on a GameSoc night. Yesterday, it's cos I'd decided to pluck up the courage to explore the local church's secondhand book fayre that they have every month.Churches and why they are Bad )

And I donated my vast bounty to IFIS cos they don't have enough books yet. Which meant I ended up having to carry them up the hill to hand them over to the very grateful and enthusastic librarian.

I'll soon make sure my back is achey though - GameSoc are (hopefully) going laserquest again tonight.

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I watched Night Watch last night. I'm not entirely sure what to make of it yet. The overall plot was quite good, but the film was just far too confusing. I'm not sure whether this was because of the English dub or whether it's cos it's just not meant to make any sense or not. I think I'm going to watch it again in Russian with the subtitles on to see if it's any better.

Completely unrelated, I found this site where they're trying to recruite 5000 people to become part of a tribe. The tribe will be building an eco-friendly settlement on an island off Fiji that members of the tribe can go visit and help work on the settlement. Or just laze around. It sounds a bit like a cross between the Shipwrecked shows and a timeshare holiday.

One thing that doesn't look so great about it all, is that currently it's only expected to last 3 years from the moment they get their 5000th member. Cos they don't actually own the island, they're just borrowing off the local owner. I'd be mildly interested if it wasn't for this part, cos I think it'd be kinda cool to get myself an island and start a new community of like minded folk on it. The potential for it to just fizzle out after a short while just makes it not seem worth it.

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Many many many moons ago, some of you may have remembered me mucking about with some kind of "tribal map" gizmo. Well after much painstaking banging my head against the keyboard, I think I've finally worked out how to visualise the data in a way that is vaguely meaningful and almost like how things are IRL.

really really big image )


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