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Today is certainly turning out to be of mixed blessings. Obviously it's pissing down with rain which is enough to drown out anyones' good mood, but on top of that, I had the joy of traipsing over to St Peters to see the skin docs.

Having missed the train (huge queues for such a late time of day!) and forking out a small fortune on a taxi, I arrived with plenty of time to spare. Except that as I waited to "check in", I noticed that on the back of my appointment card it had someone elses name on it and what I guessed was not my hospital number. Sure enough, I didn't have an appointment and neither did the other guy who had obviously discovered he had an appointment and had cancelled it. Luckily they realised it was all their fault and managed to squeeze me in.

The doctor was shocked when he saw me as he thought (despite the huge tiem since I last saw him) my face and hands had redically improved. Whilst I realise that this is the case, he really didn't sound very sincere at all and it sounded more like he was only too glad to be shot of me. Maybe it didn't help that the receptionist had told me that he was shutting up shop and moving on to new pastures?

But the long and short of it is, that apparently my skin is vastly better than it was when he first saw me and I no longer have to go and see him. Even [ profile] cryx said as much when I saw her and I look vastly younger than I did. I realise this should probably mean I need to take some newer photos to pimp myself out with as my current photos probably don't reflect the real me. I'll have to see what I can knock out tonight after work.

Assuming I don't have any plans after work? Do I? I really can't remember if I've told folk I'll be doing something prior to my trip, which is very annoying. Although more than likely, I don't have any plans saved up and I'm just being silly :)

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Having experienced more than my fair share of needles recently, I was thinking during my latest session how apart from the initial insertion that I didn't notice it was there. Which lead me on to thinking how good this bodes for neurocranial implants. They'd have to do it under a general to hook it up, but once in, I suspect I'd barely notice it. I hope they have such things in my lifetime.

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Yesterday would be considered pretty dull by most people's world view. I spent the day going through a recently located stash of bank statements and entered them in to gnucash. Amazingly I found the first statement from when I got the mortgage, so I now know how much I started with. I should have a look and see how far along I am on that. Only another 20 years to go in theory, but I suspect it's going to be a lot less than that.

Today I had another trip to the vampires. Still need more jabs. Almost at a "safe" level though.

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Urg. I feel so rough right now. The 3rd batch of antibiotics (they seemed to be doing some kind of one upmanship on them) are making me feel all squeasy. They are ENORMOUS too. Probably the biggest pill I've ever taken. If it didn't say I had to take them via the mouth, I'd have thought they were destined for another oriface o_O

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Today has been most poor. The wet weather has dampened my mood and also made the ground slippery and wet. Which I found out the painful way when one of my feet skidded out from under me and sent me crashing down painfully onto my hands and other knee. Ironically I was on my way to the doctors at the time. Luckily the worst of it was a tiny scrape on my knee and much soreness.

I saw the ezcema nurse and she's fine with my general progress, but not happy at all about the cut on my leg. So she got another nurse to look at it properly and redress it and gave me yet more antibiotics. Sigh. I'm surprised I've not developed bugs that are immune to them by now.

Annoyingly this all means that any plans I had to go out drinking at one of the many end of term parties I'd been invited to are all vetoed. No drinking whilst I'm on antibiotics :(

On the plus side, I was amazed at how many people who witnessed me falling flat on my face came to see if I was OK. I suspect it looked quite spectacular.

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All systems are back at 100%. I had a moderately good nights sleep which was only spoilt by some sod deciding it was a good idea to pop by at 4am. Can't have been too important as I rolled over and heard nothing more.

I watched the film Confidence last night. Whilst it's nowhere near as good as The Usual Suspects it is still very a twisty turny film that'd make even a corkscrew look straight.

Pub tonight will be...interesting.

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Well it turns out my recent keeping warm problems were due to an internal rather than an environmental problem after all. Quit work for the afternoon cos I was shivering so much I could barely drink a lemsip. 2 hours of high strength flufftonite has me feeling a little more human. Enough to write this at least. Think I shall give GameSoc a miss this week.
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I'm looking forward to the weekend. Maybe I can shake this cough. The (newish) barmaid last night was hot. In the temperature sense and kept insisting on having all the doors and windows open so the pub was like an icebox. Hence why I've now got a cough. Pah. It doesn't help that the office is really cold too. I think I'm getting a draft from the comms room which I'm sat near.

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Must have caught a chill when the rains hit on Wednesday cos I felt a bit rough on Thursday. Which got worse by Friday and turned into a fever. Only really feel OK now. But having barely managed to eat or drink anything I'm damn hungry! I could eat a horse!

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Blah. I am feeling all plaguey. I blame the sudden change in weather. It must have got too-cold-not-to-use-a-duvet last night. Lemsip seems to be doing it's thing though, so I should still be up at the pub. After a detour via home to get plenty of warm clothes to wear.

In more positive news, Amazon have paid me for the previous quarter! w00t!


Jul. 5th, 2006 02:13 pm
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Bah. D&A phoned up this morning to say my glasses had arrived early and that I could come collect them. So I popped in there and we sat and she fiddled with them making adjustments. And she made some more. And then she realised that one of the arms wasn't fixed properly, so she's got to send them back to get fixed properly. Bah. Means I won't get them until Saturday.

But I did remember that when I got my current pair, I got a pair of sunglasses too. Which will be the same spec. She agreed that it'd be far better if I wore them for most of the time as they'd be better for my eyes. Now I just have to remember where I left them.

I have to say that I am very impressed with the level of service from D&A. I don't think I should have gone to Specsavers ;)

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Well that is the eye test all over and done with. I hadn't realised, but I've had my current glasses for 6 years. Wow. I thought it was more like 3 years at most. Eyesight is stable, but they're going to reduce the prism levels this time around. In approx. 2 weeks, I get a nice shiny pair of glasses.

Hopefully I can keep them well clear of [ profile] anonymous_james so he doesn't wreck this pair.

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Yesterday was pretty much a non-event. I spent it sat either in front of the TV feeling unwell or asleep. Although thankfully I found a box of Lemsips and they seemed to be doing their thing quite well. Having the Toppy is damned useful in this kind of situation. There was nothing but crap on telly, so I managed to catch up on CSI* and various other things I'd told it to record.

Today I'm feeling fuzzy and I'm in work. Despite having slept lots, I feel like I should be asleep still. Well it'll be a quiet week socially now that term has finished, so I should be able to get to bed at some sensible hours :)

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That was an interesting night's sleep. I woke up around 3, to find out I was shivering and running a fever. My summer duvet just wasn't cutting the mustard for some strange reason. Dunno how it got so suddenly cold compared to the heat of the day. Luckily my winter duvet piled on top solved the problem and I think I even got some sleep. But I still feel rough :(

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Blergh. I think [ profile] darklittlefox has given me the sniffles. Nothing serious though, thankfully. And I forgive him cos he ran another cracking Fighting Fantasy game last night. I rescued a beautiful native princess who now thinks we're married. Apparently I can sell her to the snake people for 50 gp though...

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Today has zoomed by. But in a good way. Had a nice early start going to the doctors and getting my ears checked out. Now I have lots of lovely drugs to take. Then I spent the rest of today working on a new online search/reservation system for the IFIS library. So far it's looking pretty nifty but I need some lovable guineapigs to try it out (*looks pointedly at [ profile] doris and [ profile] inquis as the nearest available librarians*)

Should get off butt and order food but don't know what. And put on a DVD. But again I don't know what. I hate having choices :)

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Ow! I think that somehow alcohol is in some way related to my acheyearness. I just had a couple of pints with [ profile] sea_cucumber and it's gone all ouchy again. *sulks* Luckily it didn't spoil a very nice evening with the gummy one. Her new place is so shiny and HUGE! I also briefly worried her landlady cos I'd arrived before [ profile] sea_cucumber had got home from work and she know me and she wasn't sure if I was someone up to no good. But I think I managed to convince her I wasn't a mad axe murderer.

ION I swear reality wants me to get a certain song stuck in my head. As I was walking up the escalators someone behind me started humming something and immediately my brain pegged it as "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You". Which also got played at the wedding I was at recently. And at the disco at the stag do. I can't remember hearing it for ages before that. Whom ever my eyes are stuck to, can you please try removing them yourself as I apparently can't? I'd like them back :)

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Well here is me almost finished work for the week. Just another 5 minutes to go and then I'm done. Apart from a team xmas lunch on Wednesday. Assuming I remember about it.

Earache has finally gone! No more feeling like I have one of those bug things from The Wrath of Khan trying to eat my brains out.

Right. That's me done for the day. Now off to GameSoc.

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Last night's banquet was good. Lots of yummy food. Still wish they'd discovered potatoes earlier though so we could have some with the chicken. Blindman's bluff afterwards was also fun - running about like a loon, bleating and making [ profile] gmplatypus make loud highpitched noises as a distraction.

No hangover this morning, but it feels like someone has poured hot acid into my right ear. Ow! Damn earache. I think I'm going to have to take some painkillers at this rate. Ow!Ow!Ow! Might have to pass on fight practice and wallow at home too :(

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Back at work. Feel very drained, but then having not eaten much the past day or so that is probably understandable. Have a 4th character sheet and more importantly an online character sheet editor that with a bit more tweaking should work with the Cam website. And then ultimate power will be mine! muahuahahahahahahaah. Or something. Should certainly make my life easier when I start the game next.

Tomorrow I'm going to buy a printer. Anyone have any recommendations? The only requirement I have is that it uses the parallel port rather than USB, cos that is the only connection available. I expect going into PC World mentioning parallel ports will lead to many blank looks from the untrained monkeys they have as staff so I figure getting some recommendations from you lot (who at least have brains) will give me a headstart.


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