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After eating steak I went shopping! I like shopping. I got the orange box so now I can play Portal...or rather finish it. I'm already quite a way through. I got another game which already I can't remember the name of, but it was something I was quite eager to get. And a bunch of books, notably the entire Night Watch trilogy.

I like the staff in Waterstones. Whilst I was in there, two of them were "debating" which came first - Night Watch or Day Watch. Who was making the tea was at stake. I almost butted in to provide the correct answer (clearly Night Watch), but the guy backing Night Watch pulled out some conclusive proof. But I did then interrupt cos they also listed Twilight Watch and I had to check if that was out complete the trilogy as Books Etc only had the first 2.

Then I went to London Requiem. Having not played the character in far too long and being in the middle of something that involves players that don't play at London, I was kind of at a loss of what to do exactly. And the few PCs I did want to speak to got imbroiled in a big political plot full of murder, assassinations and who was Prince etc... So in some ways the game was kinda pointless. But on the plus side I got to catch up with [ profile] lucifermourning which made it worth while.

Sunday was spent visiting the parental unit for lunch and stuff. Then when I got back I played a lot of Portal. There isn't as much frantic firing off portals left, right and center as I expected, but it's still good fun. Oh and I ate cake (IRL ;)

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That was a pretty mighty weekend on the whole. Friday was awesome. I saw F4:RotSS and decided on a whim to also go and see Die Hard 4.0. Die Hard 4.0 was awesome! I am so going to have to go see it again (and again...)

On Saturday I bimbled off to go look at new TVs. There being a distinct lack of stores that sell TVs these days did hamper my attempts, but I think I've decided that 46" should be enough for me. I was very impressed with the Sony W model and X model - other makes of LCD TV seemed to be pretty poor in comparison. Now I just need to decide whether to go for the W or the X models. The W comes with a free LCD TV (*boggles*) and the X comes with a free DVD recorder but is 50% extra in price.

In the evening I bimbled in to London for a vamp game. As usual the main room wasn't busy - everyone was stood outside smoking. Still, the bits when people did make an effort to use willpower to suspend their addiction were quite fun. I even won a hand of poker, although my luck didn't last long and I lost all my chips.

Sunday was spent vegging in front of the TV. Finally finished watching GIT:SAC 2. I was going to watch just the one disk, but they left it at such a cliffhanger I had to watch the last one too.

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It's scary, but the tribe map thing is actually working. There's the large clump of "us" in the middle and around the edges are clumps of other groups. All the cammies are on one side for example. On the other are the students.

There's a couple of anomalies - people who aren't part of any "tribe" yet, but who've filled it in. I'm guessing they must have read about via someones' friends-friends page or something. Although if people want to pimp this out to their friends, that'd be very good/handy too :)

ION I'm surprised at how unachey my back is. Maybe I've translocated the acheyness to [ profile] eggwhite. I thought I should be achey cos for the past 2 days, I've had my rucksack stuffed to the brim of stuff. Monday was DVDs and card games when Amazon unexpectedly sent my latest spending spree early on a GameSoc night. Yesterday, it's cos I'd decided to pluck up the courage to explore the local church's secondhand book fayre that they have every month.Churches and why they are Bad )

And I donated my vast bounty to IFIS cos they don't have enough books yet. Which meant I ended up having to carry them up the hill to hand them over to the very grateful and enthusastic librarian.

I'll soon make sure my back is achey though - GameSoc are (hopefully) going laserquest again tonight.

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Having discovered that Pan's Labyrinth had come out on DVD, I just had to get a copy. And like most addicts, once I'd started buying stuff from Amazon, I couldn't really stop and I bought a whole load of other stuff too ;)

I must pull my finger out and get my film list updated. Mostly it involves rewriting the code so that I can add items easier using the code I've written for the IFIS library.

Anyway, despite going for the free, but slow delivery, it's arrived only a couple of days after I ordered it, which is muchly good. Although the timing ain't so great as it's a Monday and I have a bag full of games to take up to GameSoc as well. Might have to pop home at lunchtime to drop stuff off.

Apart from the various brainy things I've been doing the past couple of days (like the tribe map), I also went and saw Ghostrider. It was pretty good - just what I'd expected it to be. And the eye-candy was very pleasing to the eye as well.

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Yesterday, I had the afternoon off. It was meant to be because I thougth GameSoc was going to Laser Quest again, but I got the date wrong - it's next week. But rather than cancel the time off, I decided to make the most of it.

I gorged myself at pizza hut on their lunch time buffet deal. What may come as a surprise to people (it was to me) was that I had a huge plate from the salad bar as well as pizza. Afterwards, I watched Hot Fuzz. Definitely not as good as Shaun of the Dead. And not just cos it doesn't have [ profile] cryx in it, either. I'm not saying it's a bad film though - it's very funny - but SotD was funnier.

I briefly nosed around the various book stores. There's quite a large number of books I'd like to buy, but my unread book pile is already very large and not going down very quickly. I'd also like to make more use of the IFIS library too.

And then I spent the evening learning all about Ajax and writing something useful with it.

I think I need more time off to do random stuff like this more often.

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I've been very brave today. I finally distangled the mass of cables on my desk, shutdown my old desktop and finally put the new one in it's place. Poor old desktop. It has served me well.

Yesterday had to be the wettest day so far. Luckily I didn't have to spend too much time out in it. There was a trip to some random pub for lunch with [ profile] blue_cat and a plethora of other folk for her birthday. And then we went back and attempted, and failed, to devour a mountain of donuts. At some point when I work out how, I'll copy the photo I took of using the new phone of [ profile] blue_cat trying to blow out candles that were on the donuts.

ION, my new phone has got free minutes on it, so I've also prodded Orange to kill the old one. Lets see if they can deactivate the right one. The monkey on the phone was horribly confused by me saying I had a new phone with Orange and wanted to deactivate the one I was calling from. He briefly tried to convince me to stay with Orange *rolls eyes*

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Hmmm...I was very overwhelmed by the huge amount of response I got regarding the Harry Potter logo I made. I know I'm not as awesome at art as [ profile] majic13 but I'd not expected total silence on it. Anyway, I've tweaked it some to make it blend in to the white page more. Not sure if it's any better though. *prods folk to go look and offer opinion! :)

ION Not much happening. GameSoc was different in that I actually won some games. I do worry somewhat that I only won cos they were my games I'd brought though. But with card games it's often luck as to which cards you get.

I also got my first ever cheque from Amazon Canada. Which is a bit of a shock as I expected it to be a slower earner than Amazon US.

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Well that was a very mixed weekend. Friday I spent most of the night playing Second Life and got to bed very very late. The dirigible is coming along nicely though. The front is half is plate glass, so you can see the world around - I'm tempted to turn the floor into the same so you can see the ground below too. It's got two doors that open out into platforms so you can get onboard.

I really should start taking pictures or something. Then when I lose one, I can ask people if they've seen it. And, yes I lost another one and this time couldn't find it. I suspect it got deleted in a server reboot - good thing it doesn't cost me anything to make :)

Despite getting to bed very late, I managed to wake up at a reasonable enough time to drag myself down to the station to meet up with folk for the highly dangerous IFIS trip to Namco. I won't recount the horror of all the violence and death that occurred as even now it still haunts my dreams. Those of us that survived to the end did manage to escape with a poker set and a desktop dart board.

Afterwards myself and [ profile] the_grim_squeak went to Southwark Requiem. It was OK although mildly ruined by most of the PCs not returning IC to the court when it changed venues. I guess they were busy chasing after what ever had caused the need for us to change venues *shrug*.

When I got back I stayed up stupidly late again. Oops. I decided that I'd be better off recovering rather than getting up in time for fight practice on Sunday. But the day wasn't entirely wasted as I cleared out a load of duplicate stuff from the PVR and watched a bunch of stuff. But more usefully (prehaps?), I did a bit of creative art. It's an alternative logo for the IFIS site - I figured we could do with something a bit fantasy related. So I came up with this - what do people think? Yes, I know it's unfortunately Harry Potter - but it was the first thing that sprung to mind. Extra points (deducted?) to whoever can work out which film it's from too ;)

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Well it appears I was almost right about [ profile] izzy_stradlin having moved in by the end of the week. She has in fact already moved in. Just need to sort out some kind of spodding facility and she'll be able to tell folk that herself :D

I also got Guitar Hero II yesterday. Which [ profile] izzy_stradlin also had a go at. I foolishly tried some of the songs at medium differculty, cos that's what you need to do to unlock more songs. Boy do I suck. I'm going to need lots of practice I think :)

Surprisingly I didn't end up playing it all night yesterday and spent the evening eating pizza and chewing the fat with [ profile] izzy_stradlin. And despite going to bed at a reasonable time, I feel like I've had none. Which is confusing. Hopefully I can stay awake long enough to enjoy IFIS tonight.

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A fairly average 3rd weekend all told. I watched "Just My Luck" - a gifting from [ profile] noseynick's clan - on Friday.

Saturday I didn't really end up doing much during the day and then there was Dark Ages in the evening where [ profile] nemy and [ profile] lawrencegillies put on a fine xmas (we're a month behind gametime) celebration. The highlight of which was the Blind Man's Bluff game, in which [ profile] nemy made a lunge for [ profile] lawrencegillies and ended up grabbing him by the family jewels.

On Sunday I managed to drag myself up the hill to stick my head in on fight practice. Didn't do much except watch and eat as I'd had far too little sleep from spodding online 'til stupid o'clock in the morning. Plus I think I might need a bit of a refresher as it seems like ages since I've picked up a sword.

[ profile] izzy_stradlin came by to unpack/move stuff in some more with [ profile] eggwhite in the evening. I had no idea she had so much stuff. It's little wonder she needs a place of her own to store it. I also watched Contact which has a very sad ending - at least for the main character. I think the bureaucrats need slapping upside the head. I wonder what the book is like.

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I gave up trying to read my book at work because it was getting too dark, so I headed home and (luckily) failed to burn it down with candles. Did manage to splash wax about a fair bit and I have a slight blister on my finger too. Tea lights become lethal with their hot metal and molten wax.

The pub was pretty damn quiet. It was mostly our lot all night. I figure most people were too worried about the weather or thought it was shut. I, for example, rely on the sign being lit to tell if it's open or not. They should have put up a sign indicating that they were actually open.

[ profile] izzy_stradlin has finally sort of moved in enough to be able to sleep there.

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There's a new type of Muller Light out. Rather than being yogurt with fruity bits mixed in, they've taken the mixing part out of the process and left the fruity stuff at the bottom and plain yogurt on top.

I've had a moderately interesting few days. The pub was very quiet on Thursday. VERY quiet. At least for our little tribe. Ended up going home early cos it was so quiet. Did some shopping and got some shiny things. Went to the London game. The journey there and back was doubley fun as not only was there engineering works around Barnes/Clapham, the Northern line is being done too. Amazingly I managed to get home. On Sunday my mum took me out to lunch.

I'm starting to wonder if my housemates are imaginary or not. I've got 2 of them (one going - one coming) and I never see either of them. I just see signs of them going or coming...mostly the latter admittedly - need to kick the former up the bum to do more going I think.

There's other stuff too that I don't want to talk about as I've learnt from last time that it'll only cause a massive shitstorm and it should be far easier to sort things out behind the scenes without a fuss.

Hello 2007

Jan. 2nd, 2007 11:36 am
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So far so good, although it's only been a day or so, so I can't really judge it yet. Especially as I spent most of it vegging out in front of the telly :)

After drinking vast quantities of random cocktails, I managed to avoid having a hangover. Only casuality is a missing glove...but I think that just fell out at the party rather than on the way home. And for reference to those that were still at the party when I left, the shortcut isn't (a shortcut).

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IFIS Xmas dinner went very well. The food was delicious. In complete constrast to last year, we ended up with more money than required rather than less.

Spent Sunday doing very little.

Tonight, for the first time in (my very poor) living memory, GameSoc is holding some kind of festive celebration. Should prove interesting.

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Well that was a moderately different weekend. What with my geeky shopping in Tescos, there was also a medievil xmas banquet. This involved more food than you could shake a stick at. 4 courses. Pate to start, followed by soup. Then we had roast chicken. And to finish sillybub (yes I know it's spelt wrong). The sillybub made some people very silly. There was also some awesome singing put on as a midfeast entertainment. And despite all of us groaning at the stuffedness of our bellies, we played some party games too.

Sunday was spent recovering. I also got Jehova-Witnessed again. This time since I wasn't about to rush off to work, I had time to talk to them, although it was a different batch. I think I provided them with far too much interesting conversation so they'll be back again.

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There I was just about to leave the house when I saw too shadowy figures through the glass in the front door, walking up the path. Sure enough they rang the bell. "Oh, you're about to go out...[insert far too much god bothering]". They weren't listening to a thing I was saying - I was lucky to ever get away.

Last night wasn't the greatest. Stupid sound system kept shutting off whilst we were watching Dogma. Divine Intervention? We ended up giving up before Alan Rickman showed up and heading straight to the bar. Surprisingly, I think we got pretty much everyone. And I managed to sign up most of them for the xmas meal too.

Then I demonstrated that I am a natural blonde by failing utterly to get to where the library was kept. I pushed the door but there was something behind it blocking it. I got one of the barstaff to help and she just opened the door the other way. Doh! Books all look OK despite their neglect from the membership not wanting to read them. Plus I got to locate our copy of Wind in the Willows to see if it really was nearly 100 years old. It's not - it was printed 1980/81. Stupid Amazon providing the wrong date.

I hate the new speed humps around Founders. Or rather the local taxi companies do. So they're insisting on meeting folk around by the clock tower so they don't have to go over them. *grumps* Means I have to go and walk to meet up with them.

No sign of improvement in the knee situation yet :(

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I've been pretty slack at posting since the last time. I decided to head into London after my gutbusting meal out and get some roleplaying in. The game was fun. There was a brief excursion and investigatory skills employed. And lots and lots of gossiping.

Sunday was spent rather uneventfully catching up on my wishlist site's earnings for last month. I really should put some more effort in given it's almost xmas. I had a rare visitation from [ profile] darklittlefox. He does, contrary to popular belief, still exist. He is planning on moving out though, which I'd kinda expected to happen. It's going to be weird living alone again. But on the plus side I can wander about the place naked again.

Went to GameSoc last night. Almost won a game of Settlers. Not sure what I'm doing tonight. Not at all interested in what IFIS have on. I do want to go and see The Prestige though. Think I might and try and do that tomorrow - I don't fancy a 9:20 showing tonight.

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Moderately interesting weekend. Friday I ran possibly my last ever Mage game. Depends on the ST election. Made sure the players remembered that there was plot in the game though, so they spent the game trying to deal with it for a change.

Saturday I went to a Halloween party as Jack Pumpkinhead, although it seems very few people had heard of the character. Other peoples' costumes varied in recognisablity. [ profile] nuuki and [ profile] cream_horn's costumes were probably the most trauma inducing. I love dirt cake (or should that be pudding?)

Sunday I dragged myself up to watch fight practice. The pub wasn't doing any food when we got there which was annoying as I was looking forward to having a roast. Spent the afternoon catching up on telly. Still not sure about Torchwood.

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Hmmm...I guess I'm just impatient, but my leg ain't better yet and I've been popping pills for a day now. Bah. I wonder if I should be keeping it elevated or something - that should help it drain, right? Although I won't forget to wiggle my toes this time :D

Another good turn out at IFIS last night. Good convos with folk in Crosslands afterwards and I think we should be getting some of them on Thursday too. One of them turned up last week, but not knowing who to look for must have missed us or something. Which I find kinda hard to imagine as we're usually the largest group there.

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All systems are back at 100%. I had a moderately good nights sleep which was only spoilt by some sod deciding it was a good idea to pop by at 4am. Can't have been too important as I rolled over and heard nothing more.

I watched the film Confidence last night. Whilst it's nowhere near as good as The Usual Suspects it is still very a twisty turny film that'd make even a corkscrew look straight.

Pub tonight will be...interesting.


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