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Spent the rest of yesterday trying to build stuff in Second Life. I had a go at trying to build something that resembled a working piston. Whilst it looks OK when stationary, as soon as it moves it goes all jerky *sulk*. I suspect I'm doing something wrong in the way I'm animating it. Or maybe it's just not possible to animate things like that.

So eventually I gave up and had a play with my dirigible. Oh how I laughed when I accidently fell out of it and couldn't find it for half an hour. Stupid thing floated off and was bouncing around the landscape. Luckily I was getting notices whenever it failed to go into an area it wasn't allowed in to. Although what confuses me, is how it managed to drift off anyway, when I only appeared to be able to move up and down or turn left and right.

Whilst I fully realise it's utterly pointless, I'm tempted to hire it out like a taxi. It'd be a good way to meet folk and earn some much needed cash.

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Despite wanting to try and get an early night tonight, I couldn't resist popping on to Second Life and doing some more building. This one might appeal to [ profile] majic13 - a pair of hefty goggles and and a flowing white scarf )

I've also managed to nab a picture of my rocketpack in action as well )

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After much puzzlement and swearing, I managed to get a mostly functional rocketpack to stream flaming particles out the back whenever I'm flying around. I think I know of a better way of doing it, so I might try that instead. But it looks pretty funky - I'll take a snapshot at some point so I can post it up on here.

Next thing to work on, is a flapping white Biggles scarf I think.

I also made an actual "friend". He showed me where I could get a load of free stuff, so I should be able to make all kinds of shiny toys now.

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Spent most of last night nosing around my Talisman set to see what I had and what was missing. Surprisingly it's mostly intact apart from couple of cards.

Then I went on Second Life to try out the scripting stuff, but ended up dancing at a club cos of [ profile] gothicat DJing there and only really having time to experiment with building another item. This time a screwdriver. Discovered the limits of how small you can make something. It's much easier building stuff big and then shrinking it though :)

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Mostly uneventful weekend. Watched a lot of TV mostly. Yesterday though I also logged on to Second Life for a second time. Mostly there was fruitless bimbling about and not finding anywhere that interesting. Although there was a place where I could earn top dollar for dancing o_O and I found a tree that'd give newbies money, except cos I created my account months ago...

So I decided to build something. Again this involved much fruitless searching about, because my "home" island doesn't allow object building. Eventually I found somewhere and after much messing about, I created myself a shiny metal rocketpack. I'll have to see if I can take a snapshot so I can show folk what it looks like.

Next step is to add some scripting so the rocket flames only come on when I'm flying. I think I can do that. And maybe some extra detail too. I think this might be a good way to earn $, by building stuff for folk.


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