Nov. 20th, 2008 02:58 pm
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One of these days, I'm going to post an entry about the SU had got something right and hadn't screwed up. I suspect they might be selling thermal underwear in Hell before that happens though.

All in all, it took about 5 minutes to sort out the insurance problem. I told the (enormous giant of a) guy the situation. He looked in his spreadsheet, found my number and gave me the sticker. It seems the info had just been mislaid during Freshers week and hadn't been totally lost. Shame they didn't think to contact folk when they found it. If the nice guy who sorted it hadn't been new, I might have gotten angry. But it's sorted now and hopefully it means I'll have some societies to enjoy for the forseeable future.

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Those of you with keen senses will no doubt notice the timestamp on this one...yes...I am awake this early on a Thursday. I had to be in at work for 7am! It's cruel and sadistic in all the worst possible ways. All because our first line support guys are going off sailing today. It's disgraceful behaviour.

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So...which pub are we going to tonight? Cos there's no way I want to be anywhere near my work's BBQ.

EDIT: Nevermind - I've found an excuse not to go. Heading up for goodbye drinks for [ profile] gmplatypus at the Man.

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There I was pondering whether or not to brave the Reading game tonight when work decide to make my mind up for me. Got called by them about an issue, which I've only just finished helping sort out for them. I daren't go now just in case they have further problems, plus I'd be late anyway and I'd probably have to leave early to catch the last train too.

Well I'd have only got killed or something by stupid dumb plot. I'll have to look forward to Southwark instead.


Apr. 15th, 2007 12:57 am
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The last train home is always such great fun. More so tonight because they had a rail replacement service for the last stop. Everyone piled on to the most obvious looking bus, including a bunch of drunken chavs. Said chavs then proceeded to act like naturally (for chavs) and cause major amounts of disruption. The driver refused to drive with them on the bus. They refused to get off. So we went for plan C - everyone else get off the bus and leave them to it. It mostly worked, although I'm sure some poor folk got left behind. The main thing is that I got back in time to come into the office to get ready for the late night work I'm meant to be doing.

I had nasty visions of me being stuck on a bus going nowhere and not getting back at all. Or worse, the bus skipping my stop and me having an even worse time working out how to get back. For a brief moment I thought it wasn't going to stop, cos the driver went a funny route. I guess it must be quicker/easier or something to go around the bypass. *shrug*

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Today has been most poor. The wet weather has dampened my mood and also made the ground slippery and wet. Which I found out the painful way when one of my feet skidded out from under me and sent me crashing down painfully onto my hands and other knee. Ironically I was on my way to the doctors at the time. Luckily the worst of it was a tiny scrape on my knee and much soreness.

I saw the ezcema nurse and she's fine with my general progress, but not happy at all about the cut on my leg. So she got another nurse to look at it properly and redress it and gave me yet more antibiotics. Sigh. I'm surprised I've not developed bugs that are immune to them by now.

Annoyingly this all means that any plans I had to go out drinking at one of the many end of term parties I'd been invited to are all vetoed. No drinking whilst I'm on antibiotics :(

On the plus side, I was amazed at how many people who witnessed me falling flat on my face came to see if I was OK. I suspect it looked quite spectacular.

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Two things I forgot to mention in my earlier posts.

1) Surprisingly, I don't ache at all. Anywhere. Result!

2) I took the afternoon off yesterday so I could go to Laser Quest and since GameSoc runs a "classics" boardgame session in the afternoon, I figured I'd go along to that too. What is more pertinent about that though, is that it's held in the remains of Athlone ... in what used to be Boog to be precise.

Back to the future... )

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As I was scampering homewards I overheard someone mention to their companion there had been an armed robbery in one of the nearby shops. I had thought I'd heard some kind of alarm earlier in the afternoon, so I guess it might be true, but I can't really believe it. I guess I'll have to wait and see if anything shows up in the news.

Myself, [ profile] izzy_stradlin and [ profile] eggwhite have just finished tidying up the spare room in preperation for her moving in. It's amazing how much space there is now that all the stuff in there has been squished onto shelves. Shouldn't be too long before she moves in I'd imagine.

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Would you expect to find scart cables? Well after much hunting and an impromtu sofa-nose I found what I was looking for in Tescos. Tescos! Well I know where to look in future.

Yay! Dead flesh and wenches later!
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Went up to the pub for the last night farewell bash. It was packed full of people I've never seen before, but thankfully there were a couple of folk I did know so it wasn't a total nightmare. Met H's bloke. Seemed nice. We all ended up playing on the games machine. Only real low point of the night was when they locked us in and in our attempts to get out, [ profile] anonymous_james nearly got in a fight.

In other news, I'm no longer a storyteller. No more having to deal with players. Yay!

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GameSoc went well I thought last night. We had lots of newbies show up on time. Some of them appeared to be very keen too.

IFIS tonight. I'm amused/pleased that one of the newbies has kicked off a discussion on the list cos other newbies are joining in too.

In other more worrying news, it transpires that my work laptop has one of those dodgy "may explode at any time" batteries that has everyone in a panic. So I've handed it in and now have to go battery-less until I get a replacement. Bit crap, but at least my place won't go boom now.

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I've not had a chance to pop in yet (I'll do it later) but they've got rid of Ottakers!! And worse, replaced it with a Waterstones.

Somehow I'm not expecting to find any roleplaying material in there.
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Blah. I am feeling all plaguey. I blame the sudden change in weather. It must have got too-cold-not-to-use-a-duvet last night. Lemsip seems to be doing it's thing though, so I should still be up at the pub. After a detour via home to get plenty of warm clothes to wear.

In more positive news, Amazon have paid me for the previous quarter! w00t!

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Blergh. That was not fun at all. The work I had to go in for went OK I guess. Got home sometime around 6am. 2 hours later and I got phoned up cos I'm also on-call. I've just got back from the office (again) having helped deal with the issue. Which was very indirectly caused by the work I'd done earlier but not in a way that meant it was the work the cause. It just highlighted a problem that already existed.

Still, it does mean I get a day off at some point in the future and nearly 5 hours of on-call pay to look forward to.

Now I'm going to be a muchly comatosed person for a bit...maybe the rest of the weekend.

ION: [ profile] anonymous_james will be pleased to know that making my glasses even worse on Thursday has meant I've been forced to get an appointment ;)

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I wonder how many folk are pondering us changing pub after last night? Dear gods that child was obnoxious. Shame we couldn't throw him onto the roof after his nerf rocket. I think I'm going to lurk inside next week if he's outside - it's probably a lot safer for my sanity that way.

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Urg. I have just eaten the most foulest, yet tasty pizza ever. Dominos have sunk to new lows, by creating a pizza that has a layer of cheese in the base. It's not real cheese, it's some fake plastic stuff that tastes very nice, yet foul at the same time. It makes the pizza taste better, but awful. I certainly do feel very queasy having eaten some and more so thinking about it.

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I'm not sure if I should be sleepy or bouncing off the ceiling. Got called up by work at 5am for an hour or so cos of an issue. Overslept. Have since drank a can of redbull. I have a second can of redbull for when I eventually crash and burn. Or hopefully I'll be able to drink it before that happens and keep going until it's time to go home.

Pub was "odd" last night. Birthday of one of the staff, so the landlady decided to horribly embaress her with everyone singing. But after that the jukebox got hijacked with the "50 Greatest Patriotic Songs Ever!" which the "locals" sang along to. Luckily we were safe out in the garden.

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Hmmm...there is a large (and I mean LARGE) plume of thick black smoke billowing out across the rooftops. I can see it from my office window. The window looks out across town in the direction of where I live. At best guestimate using google maps, I think it's a fair way to the left of where I live though. Guess I'll find out in a few minutes either way.

EDIT: I walked over to the bypass and couldn't see where it was - looked way over towards the Thaes. [ profile] noseynick has hoofed it over on his bike - he is nosey after all - and even going a fair old way couldn't see where it was. Must be really far away.

So, all is good. [ profile] darklittlefox hasn't tried making toast ;)

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Loos on yachts are scary. You have to pump seawater through them by hand. And then remember to lock the pump or it'll slowly continue to fill with water. And you'll sink. Which way around the switch goes confused me lots yesterday as the previous occupant and left it in the wrong setting. Lucky we didn't sink.

I think on the whole I even prefer airplane loos. You might run the risk of accidently getting sucked right out of the plane, but at least you can't crash it by using it.

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Nearly drowned yesterday. I walked out the front door, saw a bright blue sky so didn't take my it rained. Proof that I'm not crazy for always carrying an umbrella with me :)

Other than my rather soggy adventures (I cheated and bought a cheap umbrella to get me where I was going) the weekend was OK. Various roleplaying wasn't quite clicking for me. Have finished watching the first batch of GITS:SAC. Will have to start watching another series now. Should probably finish watching Angel/Buffy.


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