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So another weekend and me not posting much. Um...lets see. What did I do. On Saturday I did absolutely nothing, except play "Destroy All Humans" a lot. Very funny game even if I do appear to be stuck already.

Couldn't find any of my calculators with solar panels on, so on the suggestion of [ profile] darklittlefox and having a desire for lunch, I wandered into town to see if Tescos sold a cheap one. They didn't so I tried Woolworths instead who had a wide selection of them.

On a whim I decided to see if they had any small screwdrivers, cos I have plenty of large ones. I found a complete set of tools for 4quid so I got that. Then I spotted a solar powered racing car for 14quid, so I got that too. I don't know what spec the solar cell is, but it's meaty enough to power the motor without any extra gubbins.

Sunday I did Hatfield Mage. Due to a lot of faffing about, I managed to arrive at the station in time to miss the train by a couple of minutes. Which meant, as it being Sunday, a really long wait for the next train cos they've spread them out a bit. Managed to arrive at the game only an hour late and thankfully it seems everyone else was late too, so the game hadn't started. The game was great fun, even if I have no idea what was going on and [ profile] cryx was very distracting in her skimpy/see-thru outfit.

Did SFA when I got back too and watched From Hell, which I managed to cope with quite well cos the gory corpses were so fake looking. Also watched BB too. I know I shouldn't and it's bad and wrong, but the latest twist - 3 people hiding in a secret room in the house and having to steal food and stuff to survive - is very amusing.

Brought the solar racer in to work today to see how it fares in sunlight as the cloudy weather was a bit crap all weekend. Plus I get to prove [ profile] noseynick was wrong that a solar cell would have to be HUGE to power a motor.

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Boy do I have a lot of junk. Should mean that I have a lot of raw materials to work with on my robot building projects, but does mean I have no idea where the specific parts I'm looking for are. *sigh* Which is mostly an old unloved solarpowered calculator - need it for powering stuff.

Have to sit down and see if all the physics and electronics I used to know will come flooding back and work out my initial design.

Looking forward to pub tonight too.

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Delivery 3 of 4 arrived yesterday, so I now have some books written by that clever bloke that wrote the "brains" behind Creatures. I've finished reading the guys of the first robot book I got (I skipped over the exact details on how to construct the example robots) and now I have some ideas that are making me poing with excitement. Most notably I've got some ideas on how to build a lightweight low power electric motor.

Earlier in the week I was slightly "norty". I noticed an odd new user pop up on Things I Love linking to a very confusing item on some other site. I mostly ignored it until another new user joined up and did something similiar. Except this time they were advertising some radio station too, so I decided to just nuke the items and see what they'd do next.

Like kicking over an ants' nest, this had the effect that the two users started frantically putting the items back up again. I toyed with deleting it again, but decided to investigate what they were doing cos they both mentioned a "Woozle Race". Turns out some Oxford geeks were having a competition to see who could make the most elaborate and length chain of weblinks. And then at a set date and time, some "judges" would traverse the links and see who the winner was. So I decided to wait until just before the "race" started and delete the links again.

Time came and I realised it be more funny to just replace the items with something like "Woozle trap" and change the code temporarily to disable the two users from adding or updating their items. Realised in hindsight it would have worked better if I'd just rewrote the links so that they said the correct link but went some place else. Sure enough like ants they came scurrying back and tried fixing the items and then when that failed, started trying to fix the preceeding links in the chain instead.

What amuses me most about it all, is that at least one of the teams thinks it was the other one that sabotaged things. I'm not sure whether I should 'fess up and tell 'em I sabotaged both of them. They'll find/work it out eventually as I've discovered I know some of them cos they're cammies and some of them read this or know someone else who is.

In other news, google has found my personal it should start indexing it all soon. w00t.


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