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It's scary, but the tribe map thing is actually working. There's the large clump of "us" in the middle and around the edges are clumps of other groups. All the cammies are on one side for example. On the other are the students.

There's a couple of anomalies - people who aren't part of any "tribe" yet, but who've filled it in. I'm guessing they must have read about via someones' friends-friends page or something. Although if people want to pimp this out to their friends, that'd be very good/handy too :)

ION I'm surprised at how unachey my back is. Maybe I've translocated the acheyness to [ profile] eggwhite. I thought I should be achey cos for the past 2 days, I've had my rucksack stuffed to the brim of stuff. Monday was DVDs and card games when Amazon unexpectedly sent my latest spending spree early on a GameSoc night. Yesterday, it's cos I'd decided to pluck up the courage to explore the local church's secondhand book fayre that they have every month.Churches and why they are Bad )

And I donated my vast bounty to IFIS cos they don't have enough books yet. Which meant I ended up having to carry them up the hill to hand them over to the very grateful and enthusastic librarian.

I'll soon make sure my back is achey though - GameSoc are (hopefully) going laserquest again tonight.

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Hmmm...this article about Exeter SU suspending their Christian Union for being exclusive is interesting. The CU has counteracted by taking them to court. RHUL kicked their CU out years ago for doing the same thing and it didn't cause this much fuss. *boggles*

Hopefully the courts rule for the SU, as the whole point of SU societies is to be for all members of the SU and it seems to be common for CUs to enforce a "Christian only" policy.

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Urg. Am so sleepy. Pub moot was good. Hopefully we'll be able to keep it going for a few months again. Afterwards we dragged S back to our place for vodka and toasting the dead. Not because I knew her cleaning addiction would kick in and she'd want to tidy up the place. At least my floors don't give people red-eye. Or at least I don't think they do. Haven't heard from [ profile] ebq about such things yet.

So...yeah...much vodka was consumed between myself and [ profile] darklittlefox. I think the bottle was nearly empty by the time we went to sleep which was very late o'clock. Hopefully S' taxi didn't cost more money than we'd given her - can't have her walking home at that time of night alone. Especially with really crap shoes.

I think when I woke up I was still drunk :)

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This evening has been surprisingly interesting. I decided to get off my butt and go and see "A Lot Like Love", which was not a lot like what I thought the plot was but I still enjoyed it. It's precisely what you'd expect for a rom-com. Lots of funny bits and romantic bits too. More romantic than comedy though, so a distinct lack of vomiting walrii

The journey was in some ways far more interesting. Don't get me wrong - the film was good - but it can't beat plagues of insects and a full on fire and brimstone rant.

The air was thick with flying ants. Bloody annoying things, much like normal ants I guess. Just flying about inanely. It wasn't as if like normal ants they were flying about collecting crap to eat or build a nest with. Just flying about and trying their best to get up my nose. Thankfully they failed.

As I walked to the cinema, I debated whether or not I'd find somewhere selling a bottle of water so I could take my meds or whether I should pop by Books etc and kill time. Turns out I need not have bothered thinking about it, as instead I got jumped by someone trying to convince me to become a Christian.

"When Christians Attack" )


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