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The past few days have been spent enjoying myself at the Cam National. The journey up wasn't too traumatic, although it's lucky the Blackberry had google maps on it for when we randomly veered off course, but we got there in the end. The hotel was pretty standard and the rooms the games were in weren't overly large or small.

The only niggle with them was their positioning relative to each other. One set of rooms were on the far side of the hotel which according to the various directional signs, meant tromping through reception and the bar to get to them. Which people did often, whilst in their costumes. There was an alternative route that minimised the trauma to the mundanes, but I don't think anyone except me found it.

The games that I played in were fun. I quit early from Mortals having achieved what I'd wanted from the game and not really knowing what else to do. And the Requiem games were both perfect in their length as I didn't have that "Oh dear, we've got another 3 hours of sitting around being bored cos the plot finished ages ago" that we normally get at the big games. Mage was probably the most tiring, but still fun, as playing a ghost that had to wander around and talk to everyone does involve a lot of leg work. Plus for those times I wasn't physically manifested, I had to hold two fingers up in the air like I was shooting the ceiling with an imaginary gun.

So all in all, a fun weekend. Hopefully the next big game will be as good.

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So that's another Cthulhu module done and dusted, except this time we sort of won! Despite totally ignoring a vitally important clue early on, we managed to prevent bad stuff from happening and lots of people dying. But unfortunately none of the party survived and all died agonising slow and painful deaths. We did at least survive long enough to see our victory take shape.

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I think I'm getting the hang of this GMing lark. Last night's RuneQuest session went quite well. The players ran after every little distraction like a cat chasing a laser pointer, resulting in them arriving at the point in which it'd make sense to reintroduce their missing friend with little time to actual exact a rescue. Which means the next session when the player is back is an perfectly in synch with their return.

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In what could be considered an insane move, I started running a RuneQuest campaign yesterday. I think it went pretty well and the players said they enjoyed it. The only thing that didn't go according to plan was the edition of RQ we used. The one I've got is horribly new and whilst not noticably different to what I remembered, once we started comparing it with 3rd ed it became a lot more noticable. So we've decided to stick with 3rd for the moment. Saves me making loads of house rules to fix the crap bits :)

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Despite at least a year of not actually playing, it took a surprisingly short amount of time to remember what my Modern Mystics character was all about. Which was good, cos my rolling truely reflected what a lucky lucky bastard he is. Case in point when I leapt in front of the big monster we were fighting, deftly dodged it's attack and put a muzzle on it. Don't get much more ninja than that :D

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Well that was damn confusing. I turn up to the London game to discover about half a dozen ex-cammies had decided to all show up. People who haven't been to game in so long it's a wonder anyone remembered them.

The game itself was pretty uninteresting though.

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A whole lot more interesting Dark Ages game tonight. Actually got to do stuff for a change rather than just glare the scum low-clans that normally attend court. Did have a very frustrating moment of having caught someone only to get tricked into letting them go. I was only going to take them back ot the others where we'd beat information out of them and then send them home with a message carved on their back, but next time I meet them, I'm just going to skip to the "ripping bits off" stage instead. So much more satisfying ;)

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There I was pondering whether or not to brave the Reading game tonight when work decide to make my mind up for me. Got called by them about an issue, which I've only just finished helping sort out for them. I daren't go now just in case they have further problems, plus I'd be late anyway and I'd probably have to leave early to catch the last train too.

Well I'd have only got killed or something by stupid dumb plot. I'll have to look forward to Southwark instead.


Apr. 8th, 2007 11:17 pm
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We ballsed that one up. Admittedly not as badly as the last time. This time at least, the world is still intact for the time being and most of us live. My character didn't make it though. He died. Twice in fact. And went totally insane inbetween. Although that wasn't because he was resurrected by one of the other party, he survived that psychological trauma without incident. It was seeing one of the more hideous forms of N.... that pushed him over the edge. And then the same party member that brought him back to life, reversed the process and turned him into a pile of ash/salt *sigh*

Thankfully we, or rather they, still have a chance to put things right as there is a second part to this one that we can do on the next bank holiday weekend. We might just manage to get a win out of this after all.

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Cthulhu today seems to be starting off OK, although we don't appear to have got very far into it yet. Mostly we've spent the day traveling to Egypt by boat. We have however managed to have the first PC death and several bouts of insanity too, so I guess we're not doing too badly :D

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Back now. That was a pretty good regional. I don't think I was bored at all during the games, which is pretty unusual. Even the bit where I got kicked out the covenant meeting 10seconds after it started, I found something to do.

I wasn't overly impressed with the hotel though.

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Or maybe .... I went to Picocon and all I got was this lousy t-shirt )

I bailed early so I could make it back for Dark Ages. Not entirely sure why I bothered as very people had, so the game was deathly quiet and nothing much was happening. The highlight seemed to be me being the only person to have bothered to read the general rumour we'd all been given and thus when I mentioned it, it got people talking about it. I guess in some ways I was the general rumour monger, spreading it around? *shrug*

Rather unsurprisingly, I'm absolutely knackered. Hopefully I can get plenty of sleep tonight and be able to stagger alone to hit people with lumps of metal tomorrow.

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That was a mildly pleasant if very frustrating game of Cthuhlu. We made it all the way to the end and failed utterly to find the Plot Device that would prevent the end of the world. So the end of the world came about. Oops. On a plus side, all our characters died in nuclear fires as the US nuked where we were, rather than having our brains sucked out by hideous beasties. A nice quick death.

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*dances for joy* Not only is RHUL back online, but the new members are slowly but surely reading their email and logging on. And the "pick a username" part isn't confusing them.

Mage game last night was awful. Might as well have not bothered showing up. Half the players were OOC for most of the night and the rest just ended up playing Munchkin.

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I've not had a chance to pop in yet (I'll do it later) but they've got rid of Ottakers!! And worse, replaced it with a Waterstones.

Somehow I'm not expecting to find any roleplaying material in there.
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Phew. That was one busy weekend. Certainly the first in a long time. So much so, that I think I'm going to have to lj-cut most of it.

Friday... )

Saturday... )

Sunday... )

ION: Got an actual final bill from Scottish Power this morning. It seems my guess as to how much they'd overcharged me for the gas was correct. Unfortunately I'd failed to take into account the fact they were charging me a small fortune just for the privilige of them providing me gas. So the standing charge knocked out 25% of what I was expecting to get. Which sucks. Still, the horror is over now. My new supplier doesn't have a stupid standing charge.

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I think that has to be the most tiring DA game ever. So many handwavings. Still in some ways the various combats I was in were fun. And I won a cool prize for my efforts which was far better than the prizes the winners got. Although if I had won both contests, I could have taken the spikey lion to see Mithras?

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Well despite a really poor start (Everyone was at least 45 minutes late *sulk*), I think the mage game went well. Unfortunately we ran out of time, so the bit of plot I was running never got resolved. Always the problem of having a room on campus - we can't book it for long enough.

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I'm surprised [ profile] darklittlefox has retained any sanity at all after running his Fighting Fantasy game for us for as long as he had. We had much fun playing with strange potions and scareing the entire town with the sights and sounds of a nekkid ogre spinning high up in the air. Ended up dropping in him the sea sharpish before someone was it probably dealt with the smell too.

I'm definitely glad I swapped energy providers. The new one are fab. They sent someone around to check the meters. He's made a note that the gas one is outside and has said that even if no-one is in, they'll check it.

Scottish Power are still retards. They sent me the final gas bill recently, but they'd estimated the last reading. Which was still 2000+ units out. So I phoned them up to give them hassle. They'd ignored the reading the new company had given them - probably cos they'd estimated it - so I had to phone them up to make sure they sent the right reading. I somehow suspect they're not going to accept that value either.

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So...yet another weekend has gone by. Friday was the local Requiem game. Yet another new Prince. Imagine he won't last more than a couple of months before someone with some real clout comes along and smacks him down. It did give me a chance to show off my new polar bear form though.

Saturday, [ profile] gmplatypus came over to continue her much needed movie education and we watched Total Recall and Batman. Which has given me the idea to show her The Witches of Eastwick at some point. Afterwards I watched Doctor Who - at last an episode that isn't set on Earth. Cthulhu fans will definitely like this one. Then I had a nap before coming in to work for 2am to do important maintainance. Completely wrecked my sleep patterns though as I got up at 8 to go watch X-Men 3 with folk.

After that I bimbled over to HoP for the Unknown Armies game which was mostly fun. Got to be useful for a change, but then an evil person I don't want to meet showed up so I ended up hiding in the kitchen for a fair chunk of the game.

Very sleepy this morning. Might have to get some more redbull to keep myself functioning.


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