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Dear gods,
Please ignore [ profile] majic13's rather unkind words regarding your skills at producing rain. You've made your point now. You've done an excellent job of making lots and lots of water fall from the sky and flood this small country. He clearly knows nothing, does not speak for the rest of us and most importantly, he smells of old man wee. So please can you turn the water works off now?

Lots of love (and a big hope it'll stop raining)

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I'm sure there'll be more pictures later on, but I'm pleased with this one )

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(quoted from email)

We've noticed that customers who have purchased or rated "V for Vendetta [2006]" have also purchased "12 Hardcore Sex Films Box Set (Exclusive to" on DVD. For this reason, you might like to know that "12 Hardcore Sex Films Box Set (Exclusive to" will be released on 27 August 2007. You can pre-order yours for just \24311.97 (60% off the RRP) by following the link below.

I know that V had some quite adult themes in it, but I don't think it should be lumped in with the hardcore pr0n.

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This wet weather is severely impacting on my appetite. Mostly because I don't want to go outside and drown. It's not like I'll starve - I can always grab chocolate and crisps from the canteen :D

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Despite initial fears that [ profile] majic13 slacking off from the pub would invoke the curse/jinx/whatever and cause it to be a quiet night, it was pretty busy pub wise. Even had twice as many students as usual too ;)

Today is Star Wars day. Beleated best wishes to all you Jedi (and Sith) out there on your special intergalatic day.

To celebrate the day I'm gonna see Spidey!!! w00t! That is assuming I don't go postal and butcher my co-workers who keep insisting on talking about episodes of Lost I've yet to see (and I'm unlikely to see until they come out on DVD or an alternative TV channel).

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I have discovered a website that will suck away all productivity and turn you into a dribbling gibbering lunatic - only capable of laughing out loud and nothing.

You have been warned!

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We've all seen the Mac vs PC adverts? Well Novell have done some spoofs of them with Linux in them too. Linux being played by a very sexy young lady. Makes sense if you ask me ;)

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I don't often post links to funny/daft things, but this one I feel has merit enough to post it. It's a Alanis Morissette covering "My Humps" as an April Fools day prank. Ironically it sounds quite good.

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Cthuhlu rises? )

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Loos on yachts are scary. You have to pump seawater through them by hand. And then remember to lock the pump or it'll slowly continue to fill with water. And you'll sink. Which way around the switch goes confused me lots yesterday as the previous occupant and left it in the wrong setting. Lucky we didn't sink.

I think on the whole I even prefer airplane loos. You might run the risk of accidently getting sucked right out of the plane, but at least you can't crash it by using it.

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I really worry about my brain sometimes. At some point whilst sitting on [ profile] molez' floor last night, I somehow forgot how legs worked. Or maybe I forgot how many I had. Either way, I found when I tried to stand up, that I couldn't work out how cos my legs seemed to be totally confusing. Failed on my first attempt and ended up sprawled on my back giggling at the situation. It wasn't as if I'd even been drinking.

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Finally got around to seeing The Island last night. I was surprised to see the guy that plays Neelix in it. Think he looks much better with the makeup on. Very enjoyable film if a little predictable. But the basic premise of the film doesn't really allow much scope for adding plot twists.

I also had a really interesting idea for a new project. Some kind of interactive artwork that "mutates" whenever someone new looks at it. And depending on who looks at it, it mutates differently. Except I can't think of what it should be. I'm thinking some kind of alife that grows or changes. Will need to give it some more thought.

ION: Yay! Pub tonight. Although [ profile] majic13 won't be there this week either and if last week is anything to go by, his lack presence makes the pub very empty and quiet :( :)

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Week is going well so far. I'm mildly confused and amused by my trip in to work these past couple of days. Every time I walk into Tescos, the security alarm goes off. When I leave, it doesn't. Even more amusingly, the staff have already spotted that it's happening as well. I can't see any obvious reason why one set of security sensors would pick me up and the others wouldn't. Going to try walking through in the other direction to see if it's only if I'm going in or whether it's just the same set of sensors.

EDIT: Well that was wierd. I guess they must have "fixed" the main entrance security sensors cos they went off when I walked in too. And then the other ones went off when I left as well. It's not surprising it was going off - the box had 3 tags on it in various places.

And for everyone on Sunday - I saw a milk float today :)

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Just got utterly confused by the barmaid at lunchtime. She looked at my all shifty like and said "Do you want to get rid of your smash". After me going "Huh?" and her repeating the same thing several times, one of the other bar patrons helpfully pointed out that "smash" is slang for loose change. And there I was thinking she thought I had some drugs based on my long hair and wild eyed look.

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Today has been pretty dull so far. I got up before any reasonable being should be up and about and after hunter/gathering some breakfast, got in to work early. So far all I've really done is nurse maid a gizmo and waiting for it to become poorly. Except it's far too resiliant and won't go sick often enough.

I love eating eyeballs. The ones [ profile] majic13 were handing out last night are OK, but lack that certain firmness I'm used to. I think they must have been over boiled or something.

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Tescos are selling a 5 megapixel digital camera for £40. It's got a shite zoom, but I figure given how small and light it is, it'd be perfect for taking to parties where I don't want to lug around something big and heavy like my decent digital camera.

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Wow. [ profile] cryx's zomromcom Shaun of the Dead got voted #3 best comedy film ever. Coo. Not too surprised that Life of Brian came first though.

ION I did another me-me

take the psi-q psychic test yourself

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I've just realised something mildly odd. My arm(s) aren't feeling stiff despite having done lots of sword practice yesterday and yet my neck is. I'm fairly certain I was using my arms to swing the sword and not my neck? :)

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This evening has been surprisingly interesting. I decided to get off my butt and go and see "A Lot Like Love", which was not a lot like what I thought the plot was but I still enjoyed it. It's precisely what you'd expect for a rom-com. Lots of funny bits and romantic bits too. More romantic than comedy though, so a distinct lack of vomiting walrii

The journey was in some ways far more interesting. Don't get me wrong - the film was good - but it can't beat plagues of insects and a full on fire and brimstone rant.

The air was thick with flying ants. Bloody annoying things, much like normal ants I guess. Just flying about inanely. It wasn't as if like normal ants they were flying about collecting crap to eat or build a nest with. Just flying about and trying their best to get up my nose. Thankfully they failed.

As I walked to the cinema, I debated whether or not I'd find somewhere selling a bottle of water so I could take my meds or whether I should pop by Books etc and kill time. Turns out I need not have bothered thinking about it, as instead I got jumped by someone trying to convince me to become a Christian.

"When Christians Attack" )

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Delivery 3 of 4 arrived yesterday, so I now have some books written by that clever bloke that wrote the "brains" behind Creatures. I've finished reading the guys of the first robot book I got (I skipped over the exact details on how to construct the example robots) and now I have some ideas that are making me poing with excitement. Most notably I've got some ideas on how to build a lightweight low power electric motor.

Earlier in the week I was slightly "norty". I noticed an odd new user pop up on Things I Love linking to a very confusing item on some other site. I mostly ignored it until another new user joined up and did something similiar. Except this time they were advertising some radio station too, so I decided to just nuke the items and see what they'd do next.

Like kicking over an ants' nest, this had the effect that the two users started frantically putting the items back up again. I toyed with deleting it again, but decided to investigate what they were doing cos they both mentioned a "Woozle Race". Turns out some Oxford geeks were having a competition to see who could make the most elaborate and length chain of weblinks. And then at a set date and time, some "judges" would traverse the links and see who the winner was. So I decided to wait until just before the "race" started and delete the links again.

Time came and I realised it be more funny to just replace the items with something like "Woozle trap" and change the code temporarily to disable the two users from adding or updating their items. Realised in hindsight it would have worked better if I'd just rewrote the links so that they said the correct link but went some place else. Sure enough like ants they came scurrying back and tried fixing the items and then when that failed, started trying to fix the preceeding links in the chain instead.

What amuses me most about it all, is that at least one of the teams thinks it was the other one that sabotaged things. I'm not sure whether I should 'fess up and tell 'em I sabotaged both of them. They'll find/work it out eventually as I've discovered I know some of them cos they're cammies and some of them read this or know someone else who is.

In other news, google has found my personal it should start indexing it all soon. w00t.


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