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Since [ profile] noseynick has desposed of his wife and kids, I "dragged" him along to go see Serenity. Even second time around it's a mighty film. Now I just need to see it twice more and I can send off for those goodies. Although knowing my luck I've missed the deadline.

Trains back...weren't. Something about a car, an accident and a bridge somewhere. The nice man at the station organised a taxi back for the vast hordes of people who were stuck. Most of whom were Holloway students.

Tried that Second Life thing out. Or at least I tried to, but they require a credit card to create even a free account and there is no way I'm giving some random company my credit card details just to try out a cool 3d looking thing. I guess I'll just have to pull my finger out and finish my own project instead.

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Well no, but I'm sure Alannis M. would think so. The journey home last night was interesting. I was fine up until I got one stop away and had to change cos I didn't particularly fancy visiting Windsor. Next train was in 10 minutes, not that long to wait, but I did briefly consider walking home. Would take about 40-50 minutes. Train here in 10, 5 minutes to the right stop, another 10 minutes to walk home. Doesn't take a maths genius to work out that waiting made sense.

Train arrived, got on, sat down, continued chatting to people on IRC. Some time later I looked up and realised the train hadn't moved. Driver over the tanoy announced that there was an incident on the train, so we had to wait. After about 20 minutes of waiting he told us that we were waiting for the police to arrive. Now I'd really like to know where they were getting the police from. The nearest copshop was at most 5 minutes walk away.

In the end it took about 40minutes to get the train moving again. It being the last train this meant lots of people missed their connecting services. And my 25 minute journey home took over an hour. Maybe when something in my brain puts suggests I walk, maybe I should listen. Nah, who am I kidding ;)


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