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Well I'm back. I have been glancing at LJ, but haven't been reading stuff in depth. I'll probably get around to doing a more detailed catch up over the next couple of days.

Since I last posted, I've been to Barometer World. It was everything we expected and more. They had a device called the Tempest Prognosticator which was powered by leeches! They even had a leech in a seperate jar demonstrating their ability to predict the weather. Didn't buy myself a barometer though.

There was lots of good food. And lots and lots of slacking. Journey back was OK. Not too much traffic.

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Second wave have arrived in "the tank" (enormous people carrier). [ profile] cryx has bought some kites. One is a stuntkite which so far no-one has managed to keep in the air for more than a few seconds.

The other however is a normal kite. I've taken a video of it's operation and there are pictures too. But that'll have to wait until I get back to civilisation.

Other than that, it's been pretty laid back and uneventful. Tomorrow is hopefully another attempt for me to go to Barometer World! w00t!
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Oh dear. We're playing a game called "Murder" which is a cross between "Killer" and "Cluedo". We've all been given a random person, place and item and we have to somehow get said person to willingly hold said item in said place.

Cue much paranoid "I'm not touching anything ever again" - at least until I kill my first victim. Which I could in theory post details of as I'm the only one with spodding powers, but I daren't take the risk. I have until Friday dinner to do the dark deed. I suspect I'll be dead long before then o_O
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Holiday is great so far. Very relaxing. Food is awesome. So. Much. Leftovers. The birthday boy went riding earlier, but I haven't heard a report of that yet.

In other news, I actually went on an excursion! A mob of us went to "Barometer World". But it was shut. So we're going on Thursday. It wasn't a total waste. I was stoopid and forgot PJs, so had to buy some. Plus I got some icecream too.

The only shit part has been the weather. I want the Daystar back!
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Hurrah. We are in Devon. The weather ain't much to write home about. So I won't.

Journey up wasn't bad. Bit of traffic, but we've managed to arrive really early. So we've been lounging around out the front waiting for the owners to finish making the place look pretty for us.

This year we've been joined by an enormous hound. It seems to enjoy devouring/snogging [ profile] nuuki. :)


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