Aug. 12th, 2007 11:45 am
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Yesterday I managed to triumph over my apathy and lazyness and ventured forth in to London with plenty of time to go around looking at TVs. After much walking, talking to sales people and confusing several of them utterly when asking if I could see their shiny TVs showing normal TV, I got the answers I think I'm looking for.

Unfortunately I was clearly overcome with the heat, as I forgot to take down model numbers of the TVs I liked. I know they're Samsung though, Full HD and 40" or higher. So that doesn't leave too many options open. I think it must have been either the M86 or M87 series.

I also got to see the Sony model I was drooling at doing standard def. and it's more than acceptable at that too.

So I guess it's just a matter of searching online for the best deals.

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So, another weekend has gone by. Unlike most weekends, this one officially started on Friday. I'd taken the day off on the chance that I might go bravely forth with the IFIS Librarian to buy more books for the library. Unfortunately she couldn't make it, so that just left me. Until [ profile] uveron said he might tag along and help. Except he didn't cos he thought when I said "Meet you at the station at 2pm" that meant that when he arrived at 2 and saw a train pulling out of the station, that I meant I was catching that train. Oh well. Never mind, eh?

So I ventured forth on my own and managed to re-find The Fantasy Centre without too much of a problem. The guy there was incredibly helpful, although we soon realised that it was probably going to be easier if I just flittered about adding books to an ever growing pile until I thought I'd had enough. At which point he totalled it all up and decided to round down to a sensible number which roughly equated to a 10% discount. After I'd paid, we got chatting and when he discovered why I was buying books he told me about the 20% discount for student socities. Bummer. Never mind - we'll know for next time.

I spent the rest of the weekend watching TV - catching up on the past 2 months of stuff I've recorded. Mostly that involved focussing on Doctor Who cos I don't want to get burnt by anyone posting spoilers. Plus there was the LARP game I mentioned previously too.


Jun. 3rd, 2007 05:56 pm
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Yesterday was just the good old days of IFIS shopping trips. A bunch of GameSoc folk traipsed up to London for a brief shopping tour. Obviously I spent a lot of money. I got a couple of upgrades for the Bean game, the dark edition of Once Upon a Time and some new stuff too; Hive is a simple chess-like strategy game and Thing-a-ma-bots defies definition.

I also got some "Pirates" too, which is like a CCG wargame set on the high seas. You get little tiny 3d model ships. I've got several zombie pirate ships! Yarr!!

Some piratey pictures, you scurvy bilgerats )

EDIT: OK, forgot to upload the pictures. They're now there.

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Would you expect to find scart cables? Well after much hunting and an impromtu sofa-nose I found what I was looking for in Tescos. Tescos! Well I know where to look in future.

Yay! Dead flesh and wenches later!
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Oh dear...I've just succumbed to the biggest evil known to man. eBay. I just bought something off it. And worse, I had to use paypal to do it (they're evil too and sell your email addresses to spammers). I feel dirty :(

But on the plus side I should have a barcode reader on it's way to me within the next few days :)

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Phew. That was one busy weekend. Certainly the first in a long time. So much so, that I think I'm going to have to lj-cut most of it.

Friday... )

Saturday... )

Sunday... )

ION: Got an actual final bill from Scottish Power this morning. It seems my guess as to how much they'd overcharged me for the gas was correct. Unfortunately I'd failed to take into account the fact they were charging me a small fortune just for the privilige of them providing me gas. So the standing charge knocked out 25% of what I was expecting to get. Which sucks. Still, the horror is over now. My new supplier doesn't have a stupid standing charge.

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For the second day running, I've had a parcel arrive for me at work. Yesterday it was a set of small weights - figured I should try and doing something about my complete and utter lack of strength.

Today my Topfield PVR arrived. It's shiny and black and OMG *drool*. Squeee!!!!

I shall take it home at lunch time and set it up so it can record Lost for me tonight.

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Yah! My order from Amazon has arrived. Now I just need to think of some icon designs to wave at [ profile] cryx and hand over the merchandise.


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