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The weather has gone from sucky to very sucky. It's too windy! Especially for anyone with any amount of hair. Bah. I want the rest of the sunshine!

Last night ended up with a RuneQuest session after all and involved a successful rescue attempt and me utterly forgetting where I was taking the plot to next. Thankfully my players have helpfully gone off and done something randomly, so I should be able to slot at least one of my ideas in during the next session.

Today a package arrived containing a copy of Changeling: The Lost! w00t! Gonna make sure I actually read this and see if my character ideas are viable. I'm very hopeful this is the case as the tagline for the book is "A storytelling game of Beautiful Madness". Go crazy? Don't mind if I do!

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A fairly average 3rd weekend all told. I watched "Just My Luck" - a gifting from [ profile] noseynick's clan - on Friday.

Saturday I didn't really end up doing much during the day and then there was Dark Ages in the evening where [ profile] nemy and [ profile] lawrencegillies put on a fine xmas (we're a month behind gametime) celebration. The highlight of which was the Blind Man's Bluff game, in which [ profile] nemy made a lunge for [ profile] lawrencegillies and ended up grabbing him by the family jewels.

On Sunday I managed to drag myself up the hill to stick my head in on fight practice. Didn't do much except watch and eat as I'd had far too little sleep from spodding online 'til stupid o'clock in the morning. Plus I think I might need a bit of a refresher as it seems like ages since I've picked up a sword.

[ profile] izzy_stradlin came by to unpack/move stuff in some more with [ profile] eggwhite in the evening. I had no idea she had so much stuff. It's little wonder she needs a place of her own to store it. I also watched Contact which has a very sad ending - at least for the main character. I think the bureaucrats need slapping upside the head. I wonder what the book is like.


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