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Apr. 1st, 2011 02:54 pm
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Back at the start of term the RHUL SU had this "awesome" idea to do a video like this, except they gave people about 48 hours notice and picked a day where it was raining resulting in a pretty poor turn out.

Finally they've published it and it's as dire as expected. Aside from the awful weather and the fact that most of the route is sparsely populated, the main problem with it is that as with most things they use to promote clubs and societies, it focuses on the activity based ones and marginalises the cultural and interest based groups.

Because most societies don't do things that are fun for other people to watch. They meet up and socialise or do group activities together. The other day the SU sent someone to photograph IFIS in action. End result - a bunch of photos of us sat in a dark room watching something. How on earth are they going to inspire people to join us?

I must admit that I'm struggling to think of something they could have done that would have worked for everyone. Maybe it'd just be better if they admitted that they're biased towards their own kind (the drama & sporty types) and didn't associate their efforts with the other societies too?

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No, I don't want to torture small rodents with cosmetics. Instead what I'm after are a number of you lot to browse around this website and let me know if anything doesn't work. Some of you even have accounts on it, so you'll be able to nose around the members-only bits too - which I suspect are the bits I'm more interested in checking as they're the bits most likely to go FUBAR.

PS Some of you may have accounts but don't realise. If you're getting any emails from the lists then you do and you can log in with the email address you're getting stuff sent to.

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So last night an intrepid band of folk from IFIS and some random extra bods went and saw the new rebooted Star Trek. It was pretty good. They had plenty of nods and in-jokes from the previous continuity. The cast did a grand job of being the characters we all know (and love?).

It was quite markedly different from previous films though, with the level of action and thrills ramped up several notches. Unlike other rebooted franchises, they actually had the reboot become part of the plot which was very cool. So definitely a thumbs up from me and I'm looking forward to where they go with future films ... or maybe even a series?

Afterwards we went to the pub where things went a bit wrong as the pub got arsey with some of the students not having ID on them. And is often the way with such things, they waited to kick them out until after other people had already got some drinks in, which led us to be split in two which sucked lots. But I guess for the new committee's first Away Mission, it could be considered a success. Hopefully it'll be the first of many.

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Went to my reading group last night to discuss "The Left Hand of Darkness". Bit of a marmite book - some people liked it, some people didn't. Seems every month now we're getting new folk show up too, which is good as fresh opinions liven things up.

Due to [livejournal.com profile] beeblebear's choice (Towing Johah(sp?)) being totally out of print in the UK and not being able to get copies from the US, we found ourselves having to resort to picking a book quickly to read this month. So turning to the Hugo awards, we scanned through the list and ended up picking Little Brother, which I admittedly read only a few months ago, but it's such a mighty read, that I'm going to read it again. And then cos we had the list up still, we picked The Graveyard Book for the month after.

This means I have a 3 in 5 chance of having read a Hugo winner this year, as we read Charlie Stross' Saturn's Children some time last year. And given the other 2 nominees, I think I could easily read at least a 4th too, cos I like Scalzi's other books.

Also last night [livejournal.com profile] majic13 decided to drag himself out of his pit to visit us all at the pub and to pimp out his dead-tree edition of Dark Places. Not too unsuprisingly, we ended up with at least 20 folk turn up. Which was good but it's a shame we can't get those kinds of numbers without having to resort to [livejournal.com profile] majic13 bringing his milkshake. On the plus side it might convince the students who did show up to turn up more often though. Which in turn might mean we get more students interested in appearing next term/year.

I now have the fun job of working out a way of adding the copy of The Well of Stars I got for the library and tying it into [livejournal.com profile] majic13's profile rather than adding him as a seperate author. Cos otherwise, it'll replace his name with a link to the author rather than to him in the wiki(ish) bits of the site.


Mar. 11th, 2009 10:56 am
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After several years of trying to convince people that The Lost Room is a worthy item of viewing pleasure at IFIS, the committee have finally shown it! Admittedly as an alternative to something they didn't get in time, but can't be too fussy about such things I guess?

The night was spoilt only by the stoopid SU double booking the room with womens rugby's AGM, so we had dozens of scary violent looking women pacing about outside as we quickly finished off one last episode. But I think getting through 3 episodes was more than enough to get people hooked. So much so, that there are already plans being made about organising a showing of the last 3 episodes on some random weekend. With pizza and booze and stuff.

So I guess my next one to aim for is Elektra or Catwoman? ;)

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The week has been pretty mixed so far. Work-wise, I've been on a SuSE training course, which has been terminally dull. GameSoc was pretty uneventful, but I took along a copy of "Apples to Apples" to try and instill a bit of a party atmosphere. Everyone certainly enjoyed it as it's a very silly game.

Watched Hogfather on Tuesday. In a surprising move, the SU did something good for a change. Normally we only get the room 'til 10, but Hogfather is a bit too long to fit it in. But we asked for a bit longer and they let us have it *gasps*. I think the new guy (the man mountain I mentioned previously) is a vast improvement on the usual bunch.

Failed utterly to remember to go to the going away party for one of the 1-term American. Turns out no-one remembered, so she just had her flatmates. Oops.

Last night was the IFIS xmas dinner and it was mighty shiny. There were a few teething problems with who ordered what, the pub losing some orders which was caught before things started so it was easily sorted. The aforementioned American almost missed out entirely, as she'd fallen asleep - luckily her order was one of the ones that got b0rked, so calling her to confirm it woke her up.

But once we got over those bumps, the night went awesomely. We delibrately spread out the lifers so they'd be forced to talk to the students and I think that worked out quite well. There were crackers and party hats and a very feminist fortune telling fish that thought all the men were liars. I think that a good time was had by all. I know I certainly enjoyed myself.

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The Xmas bash I mentioned previously is now definitely pencilled in for the Thursday 11th of December. I say pencilled in, purely because we need to know numbers ASAP as depending on how many we get, it depends on what kind of affair we have.

The choices are either a sit-down, 3 course meal with a glass of bubbly for 20quid. Or a finger buffet - price not mentioned. The former is limited to around 20something people - I'm guessing it's in the "other" side of the pub - so if we get more than that, we'll have to go for the finger buffet option.

And it's specifically on a Thursday at the pub we meet on specifically cos they want to improve ties with the ex-student crowd and hopefully garner interest in people showing up on future Thursdays too.

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Nov. 20th, 2008 02:58 pm
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One of these days, I'm going to post an entry about the SU had got something right and hadn't screwed up. I suspect they might be selling thermal underwear in Hell before that happens though.

All in all, it took about 5 minutes to sort out the insurance problem. I told the (enormous giant of a) guy the situation. He looked in his spreadsheet, found my number and gave me the sticker. It seems the info had just been mislaid during Freshers week and hadn't been totally lost. Shame they didn't think to contact folk when they found it. If the nice guy who sorted it hadn't been new, I might have gotten angry. But it's sorted now and hopefully it means I'll have some societies to enjoy for the forseeable future.

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Tonight was pretty good, mostly. IFIS had a good turn out at the social which was good. And we had a nose at the state of the library cupboards and found the one that had previously been damaged was now in an slightly worse state :( so much so, that it was in theory possible to extract books. No idea currently if any have been stolen, but in order to ensure that didn't happen, we quickly organised ourselves to move all the books out the cupboard and down to the president's residence. Which was a lot harder than expected as the lock on the door was absolutely buggered and we had to employ guile and cunning to get the doors open. But now the books are safely stored somewhere a bit more secure which is good. Hopefully it won't take too long to get a new cupboard.

One shocking thing did happen whilst we took the books out. We got one security guards come over to see what we were up to. We'd already sorted things out with the ones in their little office and to Crosslands staff (we got the really nice one :D ) so we knew we were all cool etc... When he found out what we were doing he went to see if he could borrow a bigger vehicle to help us transport the books :O

Security. Being helpful? That's surely unheard of? :)

Unfortunately the vehicle was out and about being used to lock up stuff, so rather than waiting we just used what we had.

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Last night went exceptionally well apart from a few minor problems. The DVD went a bit screwy just as the film (Serenity) started to explain what on earth was going on. Luckily reloading it into the player seemed to fix that. And then the bar we headed to for the social afterwards was packed, so we began a journey around campus trying to find someplace else. But we did manage to get loads of people to come along, which is a good sign that the society will do well this year. Hopefully next week will continue on with this and we'll have the best year for a very long time.

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Helped out re-enactment with their taster session today. It went moderately OK I thought, despite the SU having screwed things up as per usual. Whilst they had placed us in the same location as everyone else, they'd yet again failed to make any effort towards telling people it was happening besides a little footnote in the sea of paperbased material the freshers got when they arrived. On the other hand, the sports taster sessions had posters up everywhere.

The only reason it seems that anyone showed up is because once they'd got their NUS card, they had to leave through the place we were set up. And by "set up" I could possibly mean "screwed over" as they'd expected we'd just wander around with our kit talking to folk rather than actually having anywhere we could put on demonstrations. I did get to talk to lots of people and scare them by handing them a sword. It's weird how people think holding a sword...a blunt one at that...is suddenly going to turn into bloodbath. But we got quite a people who seemed interested in joining, so the day wasn't a total waste.

Now I shall collapse as standing around scarying folk is a tiring business.

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Technically we've just had the first official IFIS Thursday pub night for almost a year. Not only did we have 2 students turn up ([livejournal.com profile] bogadalas doesn't count as he hasn't joined in ages). Not only were they freshers. But they were actual living breathing members of the committee! :O

And what is even more shocking, is that they're planning on coming again next week. So I was thinking, maybe we should make next Thursday another one of those planned Thursdays where loads of people show up? People like [livejournal.com profile] majic13 and the like? It's kind of short notice, but I figure people should be able to get their butts in gear by then?

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This morning I was reminded of how good things were when I was a Fresher living in the halls I happened to find myself in. It had a chocolate machine that took 1p and 2p coins. It was a great way to get rid of the useless copper shrapnel in my possession. The chocolate machine at work doesn't take them. It's crap (and it's mum dresses it funny).

In a rare moment of variety, we watched something that wasn't Firefly, Doctor Who or Starwars last night - Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan. Damn fine film and worthy of being an even numbered Trek film. And afterwards we had a healthy number of folk in the pub too.

ION Heath Ledger is found dead in US :(

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First couple of first meetings are over and done with. Both GameSoc and IFIS had pretty good turn outs and they've also got their membership lists of those that paid at FF. Both did pretty well apparently. The only one that didn't do so good was re-enacment *sigh*. Hopefully lots of people will show up for the first meeting on Sunday and will pay up then instead.

But I don't think we have too much to worry about. After the shambles of Freshers week and the new recruitment system, I'm sure they'll cut societies some slack this time.

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Having given it a bit of thought, I think I've decided that the new way of recruiting for societies, might actually work out better for two reasons.

1) The students seem to be greatly more inclined to hand over email addresses than cash. This enables those that want to join but aren't sure, or don't have the money to turn up to the first meeting and see what the society is all about first and then decide.

2) With no chance of brow beating, the weak willed folk who'll join anything if they're asked nicely won't sign up at the Fayre. Only the really dedicated will join up there and then.

So combined, that should mean that most societies will end up with a much larger core of active members. Obviously the "film soc" effect will screw things up for such societies though.

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Well that's Freshers Fayre over and done with for another year. Again we have no real idea of how many members we've got, but we got a whopping 150 names and email addresses! Which is a damn fine start to the year. Looks like the new committee are off to a rocking good start :)

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Well that was day 1 of 2 of Freshers Fayre. No idea how well we did as they've changed things so that people pay at the end rather than at each stall. We did get a fair number of email addresses though. If they all join too, then that'll be enough to keep re-enactment solvent.

Tomorrow I get to do it all again for IFIS.
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So, another weekend has gone by. Unlike most weekends, this one officially started on Friday. I'd taken the day off on the chance that I might go bravely forth with the IFIS Librarian to buy more books for the library. Unfortunately she couldn't make it, so that just left me. Until [livejournal.com profile] uveron said he might tag along and help. Except he didn't cos he thought when I said "Meet you at the station at 2pm" that meant that when he arrived at 2 and saw a train pulling out of the station, that I meant I was catching that train. Oh well. Never mind, eh?

So I ventured forth on my own and managed to re-find The Fantasy Centre without too much of a problem. The guy there was incredibly helpful, although we soon realised that it was probably going to be easier if I just flittered about adding books to an ever growing pile until I thought I'd had enough. At which point he totalled it all up and decided to round down to a sensible number which roughly equated to a 10% discount. After I'd paid, we got chatting and when he discovered why I was buying books he told me about the 20% discount for student socities. Bummer. Never mind - we'll know for next time.

I spent the rest of the weekend watching TV - catching up on the past 2 months of stuff I've recorded. Mostly that involved focussing on Doctor Who cos I don't want to get burnt by anyone posting spoilers. Plus there was the LARP game I mentioned previously too.


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